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Walerga Bridge – Replacement Project

Placer County Department of Public Works is replacing the existing bridge on Walerga Road over Dry Creek, approximately 3 miles west of the City of Roseville between Baseline Road and PFE Road.


The existing bridge is 32 feet wide and 128 feet long. The new bridge will be approximately 101 feet wide and 514 feet long, accommodating four 12-foot wide lanes, two 4-foot wide shoulders, a variable width median, a 12-foot wide Class 1 Bikeway, and an 8-foot wide walkway.


Both the bikeway and walkway will be separated from traffic by concrete barriers on each side to maximize safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. In addition, the new bridge deck elevation will be increased approximately 14-feet to elevate the roadway and bridge above the flood waters.



More info here: https://walergabridge.com

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