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Bike Safety

Bike Safety
September 2019

As the fall season approaches and hopefully cooler temperatures ahead, many of us will likely resume some of our outdoor activities, like evening walks and bike riding. School recently started up again for the new school year so many kids will be out riding their bikes to and from school. Bicyclists face a variety of hazards: drivers, pedestrians, and road conditions.


First and foremost, if you plan on going for a ride, be sure to always inspect your bike first. Ways to inspect your bike:

  • The seat should be at a proper height for comfort and correct leg length to reach the pedal and handlebars.
  • Ensure all parts are securely fastened and working properly.
  • Check tires for any nails or puncture marks and proper pressure.
  • Make sure the bike is equipped with rear, front, pedal, and spoke reflectors.
  • ·he City of Roseville offers a great acronym to help you remember what to check before riding.  Remember to make an ABC quick check before riding.  Air, Brakes, and Crank-chain-cassette.


When you’re riding, do what you can to be seen and are riding safely:

  • Wear bright, neon, or fluorescent colors – reflective strips on clothing are recommended.
  • Use a flashlight attached to the front of the bike or a headlamp.
  • Always wear a helmet – you’re never too old or too young to protect your head from bumps, bruises, or severe injury.  -- Vehicle code Section 21212 prohibits riders under the age of 18 from riding or being a passenger on a bike without wearing a helmet meeting specific standards (ANSI or SNELL).
  • To avoid being hit by someone opening their car door, try to ride a car door’s width away from parked cars.
  • When possible, try to make eye contact with a motorist or pedestrian and do not assume they have seen you if you haven’t made eye contact.


Most importantly, follow the rules of the road:

  • Use proper hand signals for turning and take extra precaution when approaching an intersection.
  • Similar to walking across a street, make sure to look both ways when crossing a street or entering traffic.
  • ·Make sure to follow traffic laws – for example, riding in the same direction as traffic and stopping at stop signs.
  • Don’t ride the curb, on the sidewalk, or between parked vehicles. Vehicle motorists may not see you in time to avoid a collision.


Whether you’re out and about or at home, when you’re not using your bike it is important to keep it properly secured. Make sure to choose the right lock and secure the bike frame and tire to avoid someone stealing either and leaving you with remnants. At home, keep your bike in a secured and locked space: garage, shed, or somewhere out of sight. Unlocked or unsecured bikes are the easiest ones to steal. Remember to lock it, or lose it.


If your bike has a serial number, you can register it with the National Bike Registry. This helps law enforcement return lost or stolen bikes, bike parts, or accessories. If you have a concern or ever need to report a stolen bike, be sure to contact Roseville Police Department and submit an online crime report.

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