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Safety First - Bike Safety

Bike Safety

By:        Rob Baquera, Public Information Officer, Roseville Police Department


As Roseville residents we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful city with a historic downtown area and plenty of biking and walking trails. One of the many available outdoor activities for us to enjoy, especially as the weather starts too cool down, is an evening bike ride. Bicyclists of any age face multiple hazards: bike performance, distracted drivers, pedestrians, and varying road conditions. There are several safety measures every rider should take before beginning and during their bike ride.


Before your ride, inspect your bike using the ABC method:

  • A – Air pressure – make sure the tires are properly inflated, and make sure there is no visible damage to the tire tread or sidewall.
  • B – Brakes – inspect brake pads and replace any that are less than ¼” thick and make any necessary adjustments to ensure they are not rubbing on the tires or spokes.
  • C – Cranks, Chain, and Cassette – make sure the crank bolts are tightened properly; check the chain for appropriate placement and length; and make sure the cassette (cluster of sprockets that the chain connects to in order to switch gears) is in place and that the chain does not skip when pedaling.


When riding your bike, it is important to be seen and ride safely. Some simple tips include:

  • Wear bright colors, reflective if possible and make sure your bike is equipped with a flashlight or that you’re wearing a headlamp.
  • Always wear a proper fitting helmet.
  • Ride a safe distance away from parked cars to avoid being hit by anyone exiting their vehicle, and when possible try to make eye contact with the driver.


And lastly, but very important, is to follow the rules of the road when riding your bike:

  • Follow traffic laws – such as riding in the same direction as the flow of traffic and stop at stop signs or red lights.
  • Use hand signals to indicate direction, especially when coming to an intersection.


Using the ABC method to inspect your bike before a ride, wearing bright colors and a proper fitting helmet, and following the rules of the road can help provide a safer and more enjoyable ride.  If you ever have questions on bike safety rules or want to report a stolen bike, please contact the Roseville Police Department or submit an online crime report on the Department’s website.

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