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2012-2013 WFFNA Year in Review



I. Thank you to the Board members: President Loren Cook, VP-Robert Gorman, Secretary Sue Hallahan-Cook, Treasurer Chris Erickson, Member At Large(s) Amy Aufdemberge, Joe Van Zant and Jason Jasmine.

II. Thank you to our Roseville Police Officers (Beat 6): up to June were officers Dave Harlan and Ron Goodpaster.

III. Planning and Development:

1. W-53 (behind Church) Spring 2013 construction; dog park relocated behind KB Homes off Westpark

2. Fire Sta #9—opened in July

3. Developments—20 Fiddyment Farm and 17 WestPark completed or under active sales (as of July, over 3,000 residences; including approx.. 155 units at Siena and 152 units at Vintage Square.

4. WestPark Phase 3—under construction—Meritage and KB Homes, all LDR. Phase 4 land has been sold for development by Pulte and Lennar. WesPark Associates has kept the property currently designated for the 4th potential school and light industrial.

5. Per WestPark developers, no new updates for the Village Center—Pulte still owns the property and supposedly has no prospects (waiting for more homes to be sold).

6. Fidyment Farm: presented updated SPA-3 adding over 1600 new units including 2 HDR properties; currently waiting for the SEIR report; Phase 2 under construction.

7. Sierra Vista & Westbrook developments—Phase 1 Westbrook has plans on file for construction, Phase 2 in planning stage. JMC has submitted a map plan for development of the land portion along Fiddyment Road.

8. WFFNA was part of several NAs which met with developers for new Retail center at Woodcreek Oaks & Blue Oaks (across from Safeway); could have first store (possibly drug store) as early as next summer (2014)

9. Aquifer—2 wells under construction—Blue Oaks @ Cooley now drilling, Corin Drive will start above-ground shelter soon.

10. Roseville Electric Liquid Management Proposal—Roseville Electric gave presentation at RCONA in March; currently in permit application process. Some Q&A posted on website, but still have not received info on ‘alternatives’ systems.

11. Heavy traffic of construction trucks expected to continue to next summer for Hwy 99 overpass project.

12. Odor issues—April 24th meeting @ Placer County Waste Management; also Mayor Rohan recently announced new ‘bins’ to mitigate odors from sludge removal from the Power Plant.

IV. Schools:

1. Fiddyment Farm Elementary on Brick Mason Drive (north of Blue Oaks) opened this fall.

2. High School –Land has been purchased, and arbitration settled, but last word on opening is still 2018.

3. Would like volunteers to join joint task force to help resolve school traffic issues.

V. Activities & Events:

1. March 30—Easter Bunny in Park—Bunny visited 3 parks—Harrigan Greens, Norm Fratis, and Festersen Park; attendance was low; didn’t have enough volunteers to do Egg Hunt.

2. May 18—Neighborhood Garage Sale—only 20 paid participants, but lots of freebies. May have to consider not having again; need alternative fund raiser.

3. August 6—National Night Out @ Festersen Park, well over 500 people

4. Participated with RCONA: Downtown Tuesday Nights, 6 Movie in the Parks, and had a member on several committees: Arts & Entertainment Strategic Plan and Placer County Transportation Funding Strategy Steering Committee.

VI. Neighborhood Watch

1. One new activated NW—Haddington development.

2. As of Aug—Fiddyment Farm – 7 (out of 17) NAs and WestPark – 11 (out of 18)

3. Continue to promote Roseville PD E-Notify program in monthly newsletters

VII. Budget:

1. Ended Oct. 2012 with $375.83

2. Expenditures—

  • Easter Egg Hunt $90.44, NNO $294.01
  • Garage Sale $70.32
  • Bounced check $10 (Garage Sale) and Returned check fee $8 (May)

3. Income—

  • RCONA Reimbursement--$90.44 Easter Egg Hunt and $100 National Night Out
  • Garage Sale fundraiser--$200
  • Kazoku’s donation deposit $35
  • Ended Sept. 2013 with $328.51

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The Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association is NOT an HOA and there are no fees or dues. We are here to:
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•    To keep all members of the neighborhoods informed regarding issues vital, or of interest, to the well-being of the neighborhoods.
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