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2013-2014 WFFNA Board Nominees

2013-2014 WFFNA Board Nominees

Our annual election will take place at the general membership meeting on Tuesday October 15th at Chilton Middle School at 7 pm.

Loren Cook (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: My wife and we are both retired and live in Fiddyment Farm. We enjoy spending time with our three grandchildren. I spent over 30 years in Executive Management and Senior Management positions at several high tech companies primarily in the bay area. I helped organize the WFFNA and served as the President of WFFNA for 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013. I also serve on several committees as well as volunteering for many RCONA events. I am also a Rosevile Fire Department volunteer. I donate the webspace for WFFNA.org and am the communication chairman for both WFFNA and RCONA.

Sue Hallahan Cook (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: B.A. in Business Management. Retired after 33 years with Superior Court of Santa Clara County, Criminal Division Court Manager. Founding Board member with WFFNA since 2008-current WFFNA Secretary and RCONA Representatives; past President, and Treasurer. Very active member with Fundraising/Activities, Communications, and Neighborhood Watch Committees. I'd like to see this organization continue its dedication to maintaining the safety, high property standards and quality of life of the WestPark and Fiddyment Farm neighborhoods.

Lita Freeman

Brief Statement: I live in Westpark and currently serve on the board for the Sentiero at Westpark Homeowners Association. I am interested in knowing what is happening in our community and making WFF a desirable place to live. Therefore I would be willing to serve as a board member for the WFFNA. I have lived and worked in Roseville for 10 years. I am an environmental geologist working at a small woman-owned business.

Robert Gorman (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: I have a very strong interest in all of the aspects to ensure the Quality Of Life and Quality of Residency In our West Roseville Neighborhoods. I have been a homeowner in Fiddyment Farm since the spring of 2007. I have been on this neighborhood Board as either a Member-At large and a Vice-President since its inception. I did take almost 1 year off for personal reasons. My career spans 28 years at my current employer and I am a manager with sales experience also and we are deeply involved with all industries in Northern California, Hawaii and Western Nevada. I desire to continue on our Board as a Vice President or Member at Large , as well as a Committee Member and a Volunteer for all Activities and any needs of the group that I am able too.

Jason Jasmine (Incumbent Board Member since August 2013)

Brief Statement: I graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate. I've also taken small business management and real estate classes at Sierra College, and alternative dispute resolution classes through the UC Davis Extension in Sacramento. I'm a practicing labor law attorney focusing on the representation of peace officers and firefighters, among other public sector employees. For several years I was also an insurance coverage attorney dealing with coverage disputes arising out of construction defect lawsuits. Currently, I am on the Board of the Sacramento County Bar Association, I am the Chair of its Mentorship Committee, and I serve as an arbitrator for fee disputes between attorneys and their clients. My wife is a piano teacher who teaches out of our home studio. Several of her students come from within the WFFNA community. I would like to see the WFFNA take a leadership role in issues involving safety and well-planned development with an emphasis on both convenience and quality of life of the WestPark and Fiddyment Farm residents.

Joe Van Zant (Incumbent Board Member since August 2013)

Brief Statement: I have been a resident of Roseville for approximately two years. I started the Neighborhood Watch Program in this area and I am presently the block captain. I have also attended the Roseville Police Dept. Citizens Police Awareness Academy.

Prior to moving to Roseville, I lived in Citrus Heights for approximately 28 years. In our first residence in Citrus Heights, I went to the Sacramento County Neighborhood Watch Program; I started the Neighborhood Watch Program and was block Captain for that area for approximately 13 years. I then moved to another section of Citrus Heights. I started and became the block captain for that area also for approximately 15 years.

I am currently retired, and have a part time consulting business.

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The Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association is NOT an HOA and there are no fees or dues. We are here to:
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