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2015 -- Special Assessments meeting with the City of Roseville

On July 14, 2015, Fiddyment Farm NA members Loren Cook, Sue Hallahan- Cook and Joe Van Zant met with Vice Mayor Susan Rohan, Asst. City Manager Rob Jensen, Director of Finance Monty Hanks, Parks & Recreation Director Dominic Casey, and two other members of the Finance Department. Susan Rohan had the meeting scheduled, and attended herself, to discuss two topics of recent interest: the Public Facilities Fee and CFD (Mello Roos) assessments following the passage of SPA-3.

The Public Facilities Fee, recently approved by the City council, is a special fee added to each permit pulled for any new construction in the City of Roseville, most of which is occurring in the West Roseville area. This fee can be used for public facilities anywhere in the City, and can be for facilities and priorities set by the City without further authorization of the public needed. The fee for commercial properties (reduced to $.056 per square foot of structure), only ¼ of the residential costs of $1.32 per square foot of a dwelling unit (set rates set on residential per density). Industrial was split to light industrial ($0.37 per square foot of structure) and general industrial ($0.22 per square foot of structure). The fee is in effect to 2025, but will continue as the City determines it is necessary to provide public facilities.

Sue Cook expressed her concern that public facilities are used by all residents of the City and should therefore be the responsibility, and right by public vote, of all residents of the City, and should not be a debt placed on potential new owners only.

The 2nd topic included the breakdown of our CFD (Mello Roos) assessments, and whether or not there would be forthcoming adjustments since the addition of over 1,600 residential units in the Phase 3 and 4 areas (SPA-3) of Fiddyment Farm. At WFFNA’s Annual Meeting in 2013, we were told, “yes, adjustments will be made for all, but it won’t happen until 20 years when all the construction is done. According to our recent meeting, that information appears to be in error. The brief response now is “No”—no adjustments will be coming for those homes already here. However, the new homes in the SPA-3 area will have more dwellings to split the original maximum special tax assigned per large lot parcel, and should therefore be assessed correctly prior to sale. That should be good for CFD #1 and #2 which are divided by number of units.

However, CFD #3 (Municipal Services—Police and Fire mainly) is a flat fee for each dwelling unit, escalating each year to a maximum of 4%. This fee goes directly into the City’s General Fund. Increasing the density of homes by 24% (as SPA-3 did) at a per-dwelling unit basis, would increase the City’s funds by 24% with no adjustment to be forthcoming as indicated at the current meeting. A giant freebie for the City.

A full chart of the 3 CFD assessments for Fiddyment Farm and WestPark (prepared for the 2013 meeting) are attached here.

FYI... School assessments: Also indicated in the meeting related to the property tax bills was the nine (9) different bonds and assessments related to schools which are attached with our residences. [For our property that adds up to $2,596 this year. ] A recent survey circulated on behalf of the School District appears to be looking to impose an additional bond for school maintenance.

Our thanks to Vice Mayor Susan Rohan and the City officials who prepared all the information for our discussions. Not all good news, but they did try to answer all our concerns, and we thank them for their efforts to do so.

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