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2018-2019 FFNA Board Nominees, Annual Meeting & Elections

Our annual election will take place at the general membership meeting on Tuesday, October 9th at Chilton Middle School - Multi-purpose Room at 7 pm.


Guest Speaker - Dominick Casey, Roseville City Manager Dominick_Casey.jpg

City Manager Dominick Casey will provide information about current budget projections, the factors affecting the city budget, what’s been done to reduce expenses, what Measure B says, and the options that lie ahead after the election.


2018-2019 FFNA Board Nominees


Desiree Champaco

Brief Statement: I’m a 35-year-old mom, who has recently moved to the Fiddyment area with my husband, two daughters, and pets. My husband and I lived in Elk Grove prior to moving to Roseville and were active in supporting our community through volunteering for school-based programs and Girl Scout events. I’m proud to say, both my husband and I were troop leaders for a few years and had a great opportunity serving our troop and community through outreach events like bike and water safety awareness. Professionally, I’m a Global Information Technology Manager of Business Intelligence. Which is just a long-winded way of saying I manage virtual data warehouses with complex reporting solutions that support corporations understand their data, process, and insights. I work from home a few days a week and commute to Napa on the days I travel to the office. Occasionally, I travel to Australia, New Zealand, China, and the UK for business.  I’d love to be considered for the Fiddyment Farm NA because I’m passionate about supporting the community and fellow neighbors.


Peter Constant (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: Community volunteer - FFNA board member for 2 years


Loren Cook (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: My wife and we are both retired and live in Fiddyment Farm. We enjoy spending time with our three grandchildren. I spent over 30 years in Executive Management and Senior Management positions at several high tech companies primarily in the Bay Area. I helped organize WFFNA (Westpark - Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association) and served as the President of WFFNA in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013. After Westpark and Fiddyment Farm split in 2014 I have served as President of FFNA in 2014-2015 and 2015-2018. I also serve on several committees as well as volunteering for many RCONA and citywide local events. I am a Roseville Fire Department volunteer as well as a Roseville Police Department volunteer. I donate the web space for FiddymentFarm.org (as well as RCONA) and am the communication chairman for FFNA and the technology chairman and Executive Board Advisor for RCONA.


Sue Hallahan Cook (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: B.A. in Business Management.  Retired after 33 years with Superior Court of Santa Clara County, Criminal Division Court Manager.  Founding Board member with WFFNA and FFNA since 2008--current Secretary and RCONA Representative for the Fiddyment Farm NA, past President, and Treasurer.   Very active with Fundraising/Activities, Communications, and Neighborhood Watch Committees.  Drafted the Blue Oaks Extension Petition and am still pushing for a realistic solution to getting the road completed.  I'd like to see this organization continue its dedication to maintaining the safety, high property standards and quality of life of the WestPark and Fiddyment Farm neighborhoods.


Chris Erickson (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: Christopher Erickson and his family have been Fiddyment Farm residents for over 9 years. Our son is now a 16-year-old Junior attending Oakmont High and has attended Junction Elementary and Chilton Middle school. Christopher is a realtor with Realty One Group Complete and a licensed Realtor since 2007. I have successfully represented both buyers and sellers in our neighborhood, I am "your neighborhood Realtor".  Christopher has been an FFNA Board member and the Treasurer for a number of years now. I enjoy having an active role in our neighborhood and interacting with my neighbors whenever I can. I look forward to serving on the board of FFNA for the next year. Thank You for your vote.


Robert Gorman (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: I have worked in Industrial Businesses for almost 40 years. I have been an FFNA Board Member for most of 11 years, participating in many committees and volunteering much additional time. I hope my efforts affect all of our quality of life here in Roseville and can influence others to volunteer.  I am retired, at this time.


Ed Kriz

Brief Statement: 

I am a retiree and longtime resident of City of Roseville (1991), moving to Fiddyment Farms in 2015.

I am an Engineer/Manager and was responsible for Water, Wastewater, and Solid Waste Utilities for the City of Roseville.  After retirement, I continue to support the community through church activities, local volunteer opportunities, mission support, and some consulting work.  I find it important to continue to communicate and share correct information within the community and not react to misinformation, rumors, and assumptions.  This is why it is important to have an organization like RCONA to help build community bonds and provide a source of information that can be trusted.  

We all continue to get better together and this comes through relationships that form through working together.


Elizabeth Williams (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: Elizabeth lives in the Fiddyment Farm neighborhood across the street from the Elizabeth Jane Fiddyment Park (the park with the zipline!).  She lived in the Bay Area and worked in tech companies for 26 years.  Her family lived in Carmichael during her grade school and middle school years.  She returned to the Sacramento area in 2017 and started working in real estate (at Keller Williams Realty).

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The Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association is NOT an HOA and there are no fees or dues. We are here to:
•    To provide an open forum through which all members of the neighborhoods can participate in the identity, social culture, growth, development, and activities of the neighborhoods.
•    To identify and communicate the issues and concerns of the Association members to the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, the City of Roseville, and other appropriate entities.
•    To keep all members of the neighborhoods informed regarding issues vital, or of interest, to the well-being of the neighborhoods.
•    To encourage and facilitate communication and cohesiveness among all the people of the neighborhoods. To act in cooperation with government and non-government agencies to preserve and improve peace, safety and property values in the neighborhoods.

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