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Increased water use restrictions for Roseville water customers - effective today.

Download the flyer Roseville Stage 3_Final4.pdf

We wanted to make sure that you had some advanced notice regarding changes to our water use restrictions in Roseville. This Friday (today), you will begin to see news media coverage and information on the city’s web and social media sites regarding new water conservation requirements that the City of Roseville is required to put in place because of the recent State Water Resources Control Board action and the Governor’s Executive Order dealing with the drought. To meet the Governor’s mandatory 25 percent statewide water reduction goal, City of Roseville customers is required to reduce our community’s water consumption by 28 percent over 2013. This will require the implementation of more stringent drought provisions, effective today (Friday, May 15), by the City to meet these newly increased mandatory state water reduction goals.

For residential customers, the most noticeable change includes watering day restrictions for outdoor irrigation. Watering days for residential turf will be limited to two days per week, Monday and Friday only, before 10 a.m. and after 8 p.m.

In addition to restricted watering days, Roseville will incorporate additional water-use reduction strategies to achieve more water savings:

• Water waste is prohibited.

• Washing hardscape is prohibited, unless for health and safety concerns.

• New or expanded landscape is limited to drought tolerant trees, shrubs and groundcover irrigated on a drip irrigation system.

• Fountains, ponds and decorative pools must be drained (unless ponds contain fish.)

• Covers are required for all new swimming pools and spas.

• Low volume drip irrigation systems that irrigate at less than two gallons per hour are exempt from day of week watering restrictions.

More information about other restrictions is is in the downloadable flyer (at the top of this article).

Customers are encouraged to implement water saving strategies right now by:

Setting their irrigation controller to water only on the scheduled watering days.

• Understanding and tracking household’s water usage by signing up for WaterInsight at www.Roseville.ca.us/Waterinsight. Note: We highly recommend that customers sign up for this free service first to understand their water use prior to contacting the City. Due to a strong customer interest and demand for the City’s help in reducing water use, knowing your home’s actual water use is the first logical step in that process and is helpful to have customers know up front.

• Fixing leaks immediately.

• Reporting water waste at 916-774-5761 or www.Roseville.ca.us/waterwaste. Note that the online reporting tool allows you to provide information anonymously to the City.

This isn’t the only communication from the city, besides a robust community outreach/communication effort by the city which is now underway, a letter explaining these new mandatory water conservation requirements will be mailed to all residential and commercial customers in the next few days.

These listed requirements touch on what is required by residential water customers and there are additional mandatory measures that will be required for commercial customers and the City itself.

On the city front, to achieve sustained water savings, the City is already replacing ornamental turf at several park sites, and is in the process of expanding the use of recycled water, which irrigates many parks, golf courses and landscape medians, to include additional park facilities, including Mahany Park. Roseville Parks, Recreation & Libraries Department has also prioritized water use to maintain actively used recreation areas and a healthy tree canopy, important amenities for the many customers that use the park system for recreational purposes, while also balancing the need to reduce necessary water consumption.

Roseville customers successfully reduced water consumption by nearly 20 percent last year, and ranked among the top 12 percent of communities using the lowest amount of water per capita. Important to note, that this requirement to reach a 28 percent water use reduction means we have to maintain the nearly 20 percent savings the community has already reached and achieve an additional 8 percent to reach the community’s mandatory water use reduction goal of 28 percent.

In addition to water saving strategies, the City is actively seeking grant funding to bolster water supply reliability and augment funding for new incentive programs that encourage water-use efficiency.

For more information about water conservation, visit www.Roseville.ca.us/savewater.

As always, if you have any questions or need additional clarity, don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you.

Sean Bigley

Government Relations Analyst

City of Roseville

311 Vernon Street

Roseville, CA 95678

(916) 774-5513


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