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Mandatory 20 percent water use reduction activates today

    Mandatory 20 percent water use reduction activates today (Stage 2 Drought)

Today, the City of Roseville is implementing a mandatory 20 percent water use reduction requirement under the Stage 2 Drought measures spelled out in the Roseville Municipal Code. Today’s action shifts the 20 percent water use reduction call from voluntary, to now a mandatory water use reduction.

The last batch of storms has certainly helped; however, Folsom Lake is still below average and the snowpack that feeds Folsom Lake is below average as well.

As part of today’s action the city has decided to wait on implementing the drought surcharges that would have gone into effect with this Stage 2. Roseville wants to give our water customers a chance to implement the mandatory 20 percent and as a result hopefully avoid those additional charges on their bill. Please note that these drought surcharges may, at any time, go into effect and we will be working very hard to make sure that we notify you if and when those drought surcharges are implemented.


Water Conservation Flyer - 032414_drought_flyer.pdf

Drought News Release (March 24, 2014) - 032414_drought_news_release_final.pdf

Stage 2 Mandatory Reduction Requirements - 032414_stage2_mar2014.pdf

What do Stage 2 Drought measures mean:

Stage 2 Mandatory Reduction Requirements

• Water shall be used for beneficial purposes only; all unnecessary and wasteful uses of water are prohibited.

• Water shall be confined to the user’s property and shall not be allowed to runoff to adjoining properties, or to the roadside or to the gutter. Care shall be taken not to water past the point of saturation.

• Free-flowing hoses for all uses are prohibited. Automatic shut-off devices shall be attached on any hose or filling apparatus in use.

• Leaking pipes or faulty sprinklers shall be repaired within five calendar days or less if warranted by the severity of the problem as determined in the discretion of the director or his or her designee.

• All pools, spas, and ornamental fountains/ponds shall be equipped with a recirculation pump and shall be constructed to be leak-proof. Pool draining and refilling shall be allowed only to the extent required for health, maintenance, or structural considerations, and must otherwise comply with all applicable federal, state and local stormwater management program requirements, including, but not limited to, the urban stormwater quality management and discharge control ordinance set forth in Chapter 14.20 of Title 14 of the City of Roseville Municipal Code.

• Washing streets, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks or buildings, except as necessary for health or sanitary purposes, is prohibited.

• Residential users shall reduce water usage by 20 percent.

• Washing of vehicles or boats is prohibited except:

  • When using a hose that is equipped with a control nozzle capable of completely shutting off the flow of water except when positive action or pressure to maintain the flow of water is applied, or
  • When washed in either an automatic or manual commercial car wash. This exemption does not apply to temporary car washes, held for fundraising purposes, or to any car wash in which the water is applied via a hand held garden type (non-pressure) hose.

• Other:

• Except for actively programmed sports fields, nonresidential users (including without limitation, commercial, industrial, church and publicly-owned users) shall reduce irrigation by 30 percent for existing landscaping.

• Water shall not be served at restaurants except by request.

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