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Roseville Garbage Ordinances explained

by Alan Bartley (Madu Neighborhood Association)


There are city rules about when the trash cans can be on the street:

9.12.150 Rubbish placement-Collection time-Removing receptacles.
A. Each refuse container shall be placed on the curb or parkway or in the alley for collection, not earlier than the evening preceding and not later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of regular collection. Those containers shall be removed from the curbs, parkways or alleys within 12 hours after the refuse has been collected therefrom.
B. The garbage and refuse collection service is rendered to all properties within the limits of the city, and no service shall be rendered outside the corporate limits of the city. (Ord. 3382 § 1, 1999; prior code§ 11.14.)

Commercial properties have a stricter set of rules:


9.12.080 Location of receptacles-Commercial property.
Garbage receptacles at places of business shall be located in such place as shall be convenient to the city for removal of garbage. City-approved trash  enclosures are to be used for refuse removal equipment only. Storage of other equipment or material will not be allowed.
(Ord. 3382 § 1, 1999; prior code§ 11.9.)

Underlying all of this is this basic rule.

9.12.140 Accumulations of garbage prohibited.
It is unlawful for any person to permit garbage, rubbish, or refuse to accumulate upon the premises owned or occupied by such person. (Ord. 2050 § 1, 1987; prior code§ 11.12.) We owe it to ourselves to keep our property neat and in good order and in a manner which maximizes our property values and the peace and tranquility of the area.


We owe it to ourselves to keep our property neat and in good order and in a manner which maximizes
our property values and the peace and tranquility of the area.


More Information on Trash and Hazardous Waste
The City provides a number of ways to get help with your trash, green waste, and hazardous waste disposal. As with most things having to do with the City or City services, the best place to look if you have online access, is the City's web site, Roseville.ca.us. In what follows we provide a look at what trash and waste services the City provides as a reminder. At the end we'll provide information on finding it online if other means (phone numbers) aren't already provided.

  • There's a web site tool for finding out which day is your trash and green waste disposal day and which is just for trash. You search for your street address and a calendar is instantly displayed. If you prefer, you may add the information to your Google, iCal-based, or Outlook calendar. Or you may opt to print your home's schedule for the rest of the year.
  • Need to find out where to recycle newspapers, containers, cardboard, plastic, glass or aluminum? 
    Complete online listings of locations, including where to cash redeemable containers, are available.
  • New service/Change in service: (916) 774-5780
  • Report illegal dumping: (916) 774-5786
  • Not sure if something should go into your trash? Use the online "Waste Wizard" to search for items.
    • What about those single-use coffee pods? They go into regular black-can trash.
    • Fats or oils? Those are not to go into a can, so call (916) 774-5780 to arrange free pick-up in a sealed, marked container.
    • Hazardous wastes also can be picked-up for free by calling the same number for an appointment. These include electronics, household and automotive batteries, old thermostats and thermometers containing mercury, fluorescent light tubes and bulbs, and motor oil and filters. Call and ask if you're not sure.
  • Paint? There's a wizard for that too (the closest place is Dunn-Edwards at 1850 Douglas).
  • Want to see how your trash gets processed to separate out the recyclables? Tour the landfill (Materials Recovery Facility): (916) 645-5180 [extension 201]
  • Other questions? Email contact: SolidWasteCustomerServiceTeam@roseville.ca.us

For more information search the City site for "trash and green waste" to get to all the information on what goes where when it comes to your trash.

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