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We Are Roseville - August 25, 2020


August 25, 2020

Arial shot of forest fire with line of flames and wall of smoke, 770 x 540 px

Wildfire smoke to continue to affect our air quality

The Placer County Health Officer and Placer County Air Pollution Control District have extended a joint air quality advisory through at least Thursday, August 27.

Wildfire smoke continues to affect large areas of Placer County with elevated levels of particulate matter and ozone likely, dependent upon wind direction, until the fires are extinguished.

If you can see or smell smoke, avoid all unnecessary outdoor activities, especially if you are in an area where visibility is greatly reduced.

Here are recommended ways to reduce your smoke exposure:

  • Stay indoors with the windows and doors closed, if possible, run the air conditioner on the “recirculation” setting
  • Limit outdoor exertion and physical activity
  • Leave the smoke-impacted areas until conditions improve, if possible
  • Reduce unnecessary driving. If traveling through smoke-impacted areas, be sure that your vehicle’s ventilation system is on recirculate
  • Non‐HEPA paper face mask filters and bandana-type face coverings may be helpful in reducing the spread of germs and viruses, but they are not capable of filtering out extra fine particulates which are much smaller in size. Therefore, they will not be helpful in protecting individuals from smoke-related impacts. 

Wildfire smoke information can also be found at www.placerair.org.

COVID-19 weekly update

Placer County Public Health's weekly COVID-19 update

Public Health has shifted reporting methodology for some key metrics to better align with the California Department of Public Health

Learn more


COVID-19 face covering

Placer Valley Eats Takeout Roseville

Support local restaurants during Placer Valley Eats

In an effort to support and boost the traffic for restaurants, caterers, breweries and wineries, the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and Loomis chambers of commerce are bringing you Placer Valley Eats. 

From Friday, September 11 – Sunday, September 13, you're encouraged to #TakeoutRoseville. Many businesses will be offering special menu items and promotions. 

Find out more


mini mural competition We Are Roseville

Mini Mural Competition scheduled for this weekend postponed due to poor air quality

Look for new dates soon. In the meantime, learn more about Blue Line Arts Roseville Mural Project here.


Placer Shares - Apply Today

The Placer Shares application period is now open through September 7. Small businesses and nonprofits may be eligible for up to $10,000 in grant funding. 

Visit placer.ca.gov/shares to apply.


Recreation To Go

Want to have some creative and fun activities to do at home? Recreation to Go is a program that allows families to receive themed, interactive monthly activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Every month the kit is filled with 7-9 crafts/activities that are hands-on, interactive, and easy-to-do. All activities come with instructions, and all the materials needed to complete the projects.

Free curbside pick-up at Martha Riley Library
August Kit - August 28, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
September Kit - September 25, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Find out more


home construction

Roseville's future housing blueprint needs your input

The City is starting to update the housing blueprint for Roseville, known as the Housing Element. The Housing Element considers the City’s needs for housing access, inventory, affordability, and quality. It is a critical part of the City’s efforts to preserve, improve, and develop housing accessible to everyone in our community. 

While some of the City’s housing goals are likely to remain the same, such as enabling the construction of high-quality housing, improving the existing housing stock, and providing new affordable housing opportunities, the City wants to make sure the update enhances the quality of life for all residents and provides opportunities for sustainable and affordable housing.

Find out more, get involved and sign up for updates here.



Census 2020


garden planting flowers

The truth of how we use water will astound you

There’s a common misconception that most of the water we use at home goes toward household activities like showering, washing dishes, and clothes or flushing the toilet. Thing is, most household water is used outside on our landscapes.

Hot, dry summers and triple-digit temperatures have a huge impact on our water use.

Learn more


Bridge removal

Oak Ridge Drive bridge construction underway

Construction of a new Oak Ridge Drive bridge over Linda Creek is in progress and scheduled to conclude in spring 2021. Working hours are 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday.

During construction there is a temporary traffic detour. All residences remain accessible.

The new bridge allows for improvements including:

  • Better storm water passage under the bridge;
  • Wider travel lanes and shoulders;
  • Expanded sidewalks on both sides of the street; and
  • ADA access.

See a map and learn more here.


Important COVID-19 links:

Reopen Placer

City of Roseville COVID-19 information

COVID-19 in California

Placer County COVID-19 information

California Department of Public Health


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