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Found 8 results

  1. Public Safety News & Tips -- Holiday Safety & Charitable Giving One of the best parts of the holiday season is spending time with family and friends. For some that means packing up and heading out for an extended period of time. Before you leave, it’s important to take precautions to keep your house safe while you are gone. (read more below) Holiday safety & charitable giving vol 16 issue 12.pdf
  2. Public Safety News & Tips -- Holiday Shopping Tips, How to avoid holiday scams Thieves love the holiday season, too. The holiday season is upon us. There is a big increase in the number of people that are out and about at shopping malls and in parking lots. It’s a time that criminals love, too. (read more below) Shopping safety, & holiday scams vol 16 issue 11.pdf
  3. Public Safety News & Tips -- Halloween Safety & Cyber Crime Safety tips for drivers... Kids love Halloween. Is there anything more fun for a child than to be able to dress up in their favorite Halloween costume and stay up past their normal bedtime? (read more below) Halloween Safety & Cyber crime vol 16 issue 10.pdf
  4. Public Safety News & Tips -- Sharing the road: Motorists and bicyclists More than half a million collisions occur between motorists and bicycles. Did you know that more than half a million collisions occur between motor vehicles and bicycles in the United States each year? (read more below) Sharing Road & Disaster Scams Vol 16 Issue 09.pdf
  5. Public Safety News & Tips -- Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention It’s August and that means school throughout Roseville have (or soon will) start the new school year. Here are a few reminders when driving around schools. (read more below) Back to School & Phone Fraud Vol 16 Issue 08.pdf
  6. Public Safety News & Tips -- Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention Could this happen to you? Upon leaving home one morning a man observed a young man sitting in a car across the street. Although he felt suspicious about the stranger, he went to work. Upon his return that evening he found his home had been burglarized. A woman went to the grocery store one afternoon. She left her sliding door slightly open. “I was only gone 15 minutes,” she stated. When she got home she found more than $1,000 worth of her valuables missing. Several neighbors noticed new residents of a nearby home had many frequent “guests” visiting for short periods of time. There had also been some recent auto and home burglaries in the area. Although they suspected drug dealing, they did not report anything to the police. (read more below) Neighborhood Crime Prevention & Rental Scam volume 16 issue 07.pdf
  7. Public Safety News & Tips -- Car Heat Tips, Imposter Scams & Election Scams Vol 16 Issue 06 It’s summer and we all know how hot it can get in Roseville. On a typical sunny day, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach a potentially deadly level within minutes. Never leave a child alone in a vehicle, not even for a minute. (read more below) Car Heat Tips, Imposter Scams & Election Scams Vol 16 Issue 06.pdf
  8. Public Safety News & Tips -- Wet Weather Driving Tips Winter is upon us and for Roseville that means driving in the rain. According to AAA, wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes a year. Here are a few tips to remember when driving in the rain. (read more below) Hazardous Road Driving Vol 16 Issue 01.pdf

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