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  1. Vaccinations opening for all Californians aged 50 and up April 1st, and 16 and up April 15th The state is expanding who is eligible to get the vaccine based on expected supply increases. It will still take months to get every Californian vaccinated who wants to be, but millions are being vaccinated each week. There are currently a number of anomalies in testing data. Our testing data provider, The Covid Tracking Project, is in the process of changing how it maps states’ data to the categories we use for our positivity calculations. Additionally, some
  2. Responsible Gun Ownership By Rob Baquera, Public Information Officer, Roseville Police Department The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many areas of our everyday activities, shopping habits, and sense of safety. According to a 2018 survey conducted by Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey, Americans own approximately 393 million guns, about 40% of all civilian-owned guns globally. There was a surge of gun purchases in 2020 with a study conducted by the University of California, Davis, showing a 64% increase in guns purchased across the country. The exact reasons for the increase a
  3. April 13, 2021 COVID vaccination eligibility expands to 16 or older Placer County Public Health is now encouraging any Placer resident 16+ to register for an appointment at the county-run COVID-19 vaccine clinic Book an appointment online at: placer.ca.gov/vaccineclinics#grounds
  4. The two week write-in period for F-51 Park Site opens today, April 7, 2021 and ends on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. We invite you to send your comments either in support of or with additional feedback to yourlandscape@roseville.ca.us The Master Plan of the park has been attached to this email for your review. Video links for the previous public meetings held regarding this park as well as a copy of the master plan drawing is also available on the city website at roseville.ca.us/parksintheworks Thank you in advance for your participation.
  5. April 6, 2021 Gov. Newsom announced today that California will fully reopen June 15 as long as the supply of vaccines is sufficient and hospitalizations are low. Californians will still need to wear masks, continue risk reduction measures and will be encouraged to get vaccinated. But the color-coded tier system w
  6. March 30, 2021 COVID vaccination eligibility expands Placer County's county-run COVID-19 vaccination clinic @the Grounds is expanding to include residents 50+ for appointments starting April 1 and those 16+ starting April 15. We encourage you to text PLACE
  7. Vaccine eligibility expands
  8. March 23, 2021 City resumes limited in-person services to the public, online services continue We have resumed limited in-person services to the public in city buildings. Some in-person city services will require appointments. Not all in-person city services will be open immediately.
  9. March 16, 2021 Placer County moved into the Red Tier as of Sunday, March 14 after statewide vaccination thresholds were met and state tier metrics relaxed as a result. "This is a big step and one that we welcome. With our case rate increasing gradually in the past week, it remains important to take precautions li
  10. Between 3,000 to 4,000 people are killed annually by distracted driving A ringing cell phone, fighting kids, or a spilling coffee cup--no one is immune from distractions. When you mix distractions and a vehicle traveling down the road, you get distracted driving. Distracted driving can occur when something diverts your attention from the task of safe and attentive driving. A study by the U.S. Department of Transportation estimates between 3,000 to 4,000 people are killed annually by distracted driving. According to the Center for Disease Control – Injury Center, there are three prim
  11. until
    Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association (FFNA) & WestPark Neighborhood Association (WNA) combined Public Meeting TUESDAY May 11th - 7:00 PM - ONLINE Video Meeting Agenda will be posted on Fiddymentfarm.org Join the meeting:
  12. March 9, 2021 City Council approves land sale for future jobs site A large regional jobs center is one step closer to reality following Roseville City Council approval for the sale of 6382 Phillip Road to Panattoni Development Company on Wednesday, March 3. The future Roseville Industrial Park would allow the city to compete nationally in attracting employers to the area. “This site provides an ideal opp

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The Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association is NOT an HOA and there are no fees or dues. We are here to:
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