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Found 9 results

  1. Notice is hereby given that the City of Roseville will host a public informational meeting on the Amoruso Ranch Specific Plan, a proposed annexation area located on the northwest corner of the City. Information about this proposal will be presented and an opportunity will be given to ask questions. The meeting will be held at the following time and place: Monday, February 22, 2016 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Martha Riley Community Library, 1501 Pleasant Grove Bl. Members of the public are invited to attend. Representatives from other City departments will also be present. The latest information on the Amoruso Ranch Specific Plan can also be found on the City's web site at: www.roseville.ca.us/amoruso A second informational session will also be held to present the Draft Environmental Impact Report at a Planning Commission Workshop. The public is also invited to attend this presentation, which will be during the Thursday March 10, 2016 Planning Commission meeting, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 311 Vernon St. Roseville CA 95678. Public Comment Period: Public hearings concerning the proposed Creekview Specific Plan Amoruso Ranch Specific Plan are tentatively scheduled for the following dates: Monday, March 7 Parks and Recreation Commission Thursday, March 10 Planning Commission Tuesday, March 15 Transportation Commission Thursday, March 17 Design Committee Tuesday, March 22 Public Utilities Commission Thursday, April 14 Planning Commission All public hearing will take place at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 311 Vernon St. Roseville CA 95678. Interested persons are invited to submit written comments on or before April 14, 2016 by 5 p.m. City Council action is tentatively scheduled for June 15, 2016. Written comments may be submitted to the City of Roseville Planning Division, 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678. Please direct questions and comments to: Kathy Pease, Planning Manager, (916) 77 4-5276,kpease@roseville.ca.us or Wayne Wiley, Associate Planner, (916) 774-5276, wwiley@roseville.ca.us Dated: February 1, 2016 NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING FOR AMORUSO RANCH SPECIFIC PLAN.pdf
  2. Westpark Communities Updates Date: 1/13/2016 at Pete’s at the Fountains Loren and Sue Cook were invited to meet with John Tallman and Jeff Jones of Westpark Communities (West Roseville Specific Plan developers). No specific topic discussed, just a few updates to pass along. Placer Ranch Project: As you’ve already heard by now, Westpark Communities developers pulled out of the Placer Ranch project. There were ongoing discrepancies between Placer County and the City of Roseville and the delays were getting costly. One of the issues was $54.4 Million in mitigation costs that would be required to the surrounding areas outside of the Placer Ranch development itself that would have to be provided for under federal regulations. Both agreed that Sacramento State University is still anxious to get the project going. Elementary School: Westpark Communities has managed to move up the building of the 3rd elementary school (in the WestPark area). They worked out a deal for the state to pay half and they will advance the other half to get it going while funding is available. They should be able to start building this Spring (instead of waiting until 2018). If they can build it as quickly as they built the Fiddyment Farm school, it could be opening in the fall session of 2017. Solar Project: Loren Cook mentioned the solar proposal presented to our FFNA and WestPark boards at the Jan. 12th. At one time, this was a proposal discussed involving the Westpark builders and on WestPark property, but issues prevented it from going forward at that time. Now it will go forward on City-owned property. Sierra Vista Specific Plan: The developers are waiting for federal wetland permit for most of the project to go forward, but expect it should come through this year. Several developers are ready to go and just waiting—Moyer is ready, Denio’s is ready to start on the Market Place along Baseline. The developers are looking at a large age-restricted development (possibly 500 homes) on the far west side of the project (like the Club). The Solaire development (former Westbrook) was under a separate application and has already started. Soccer Fields: With all the concern over the soccer fields costs, Sue Cook asked if the soccer fields were included in our original CFD calculations. Both Jeff and John indicated that the area was not included in the CFD’s, but it was included in the City Park fee that was collected as part of the initial impact fees assessed for each home permit. Jeff and John said they will be contacting Scott Alvord to reach out to WestPark NA, and Sue Cook suggested again that they come to one of our combined board meetings to present updates to all members of both boards.
  3. (Short) Project Description: "The 2,213-acre Placer Ranch Specific Plan (PRSP or project) is a mixed-use community proposed for development in the City of Roseville (City) featuring a 300.4-acre California State University Sacramento branch campus (Sac State Placer Campus) and Sierra College transfer center that, together would accommodate 30,000 full-time equivalent students, 3.0 million square feet of academic and administrative space, 23 +/-acres of playfields, parking for 15,000 vehicles and student housing to accommodate 5,000 beds. The university is expected to contribute to employment, education and research opportunities in the region." There will be a Public Scoping Meeting for the Placer Ranch Specific Plan, Sphere of Influence & Annexation Project on: Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 4:00 pm at the Roseville Civic Center, Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 (311 Vernon Street). The City of Roseville will hold this public Scoping Meeting to receive oral and written comments from the public and other interested parties and agencies regarding the issues that should be addressed in the EIR. Due to the time limits specified in State law, written comments should be submitted at the earliest possible date, but no later than 5:00 pm on January 26, 2015 to: Kathy Pease, Principal Planner, AICP City of Roseville Development Services Department - Planning Division 311 Vernon Street Roseville, CA 95678 Further information can be found on the city website here.
  4. May 2014 Fiddyment Farm Development Updates On May 7, 2014, Loren and Sue Cook, Joe Van Zant, and Lita Freeman met with planners Steve Hicks and John Bayless and received the following updates on the Fiddyment Farm development. High School --The last update we had was still for the school to start construction in 2016 for school opening in the Fall of 2018. The EIR for the property has already been completed, but it will still be a year for design, funding, and state architecture review. The RJUHSD receives $7,900 per home permit towards the school, and a state bond will cover the other half. Hicks and Bayless will try to set up a meeting with the WFFNA Planning Committee to meet the new superintendent Gary Severson in late June or Early July. Then we can invite Mr. Severson to a General WFFNA meeting for a later date. Fiddyment Monument -- Steve Hicks pointed out where the proposed monument for the Fiddyment Family will be placed next to the Fiddyment Home off High School Road. Blue Oaks Blvd. -- Fees for the extension of Blue Oaks to Westbrook Drive were already imposed; the Creekview development will build the north two lanes starting in the Spring of 2015. Soccer Fields -- Mr. Hicks said the latest word is to expect building activity on the soccer park by 2017, and hope to see the extension to Blue Oaks Blvd. completed to that point. Developments F-19 A&B -- We should see infrastructure start this summer. Joe Van Zant mentioned the dangerous curve at Angus where cars cannot see oncoming traffic and he would like WFFNA to see if the City of Roseville would advance a traffic light at that intersection sooner than later. Community Garden -- Hicks and Bayless have been approached by the Placer Food Bank to help establish a community garden area; they will look further into the idea. New MS4 Water Regulations -- Steve Hicks said new regulations for storm water management will go into full effect by 6/30/2015. Although the new regulations are supposed to help the overall environment, they foresee other less desirable consequences (such as increased mosquito activity); so they will work to get approval of as much development as possible prior to the 2015 cutoff. ASR Wells -- Work is progressing on the two wells under current construction at Hayden Parkway (near Corin Drive and Fiddyment Road) and Blue Oaks Blvd. near Chilton Middle School; these wells should be done by December 2014. However, Mr. Hicks indicated that two other West Roseville Specific Plan wells that were previously to be collective wells in the ASR did not pass a recent quality test, and those wells (on Fiddyment Road north of Blue Oaks and one off West Side Drive) will now be monitoring stations only. As a follow up to this news, we contacted Jim Mulligan of the City of Roseville and he confirmed that slightly elevated levels of manganese were found at the test site. A new well would be built in the Zone 1 area, closer to Hwy 65; he said this would provide better use of ground water to all neighborhoods.
  5. NOTICE is hereby given that on June 12, 2014, at 7:00 p.m .. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, the Planning Commission of the City of Roseville will hold a Public Hearing at the City Council Chambers located at 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA for the purpose of considering an application for a GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT. SPECIFIC PLAN AMENDMENT. REZONE. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT AMENDMENT. LOT LINE ADJUSTMENT. SMALL LOT TENTATIVE SUBDIVISION MAP & DESIGN REVIEW PERMIT FOR RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION - OAKBRIAR F-23 SUBDIVISION - 1875 ORCHARD VIEW ROAD. Nature of request: The applicant requests approval to amend the West Roseville Specific Plan (WRSP) to allow development of a ±10.7 acre small lot residential subdivision consisting of 96 Medium Density Residential (MDR) lots. It is proposed to change the zoning and land use of WRSP Fiddyment Parcel F-23 as follows; 1) change the parcel's zoning designation from Attached Housing (R3) to Small Lot Residential (RS); 2) change the land use designation from High Density Residential (HDR), 21.2 units per acre, to Medium Density Residential (MDR), 9.0 units per acre, by removing 138 allocated units; and 3) transfer units removed from parcel F-23 to adjacent and nearby HDR parcels F-21, F-22 & F-24. The proposed project will not increase the number of dwelling units within the WRSP. Project Title/Name: Oakbriar F-23 Subdivision Location/Assessor's Parcel Number (APN): 1875 Orchard View Road - 017-117-048, 017-117-045,.017-117-047 & 017-101-038. Project Applicant: The MacDiarmid Company, Kent MacDiarmid Property Owner: West Roseville Development Company, Inc., Jim Ghielmelti Current Zoning: R3 (Attached Housing) Project Planner: Ron Miller, Associate Planner ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION: The Planning Manager has determined that the above project will not have a significant effect on the environment and proposes that an Addendum to the West Roseville Specific Plan be adopted. This determination has been based upon an Initial Study. which has concluded that there will be no significant environmental impacts. The Initial Study/Addendum is available for public review at the Roseville Permit Center and the City Clerk's Office, 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678 (8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M .. Monday through Friday). Following the Public Hearing, the Planning Commission may take such action on the project, as it deems appropriate. Interested persons are invited to submit written comments prior to and may testify at the Public Hearing. Written comments may be submitted to the Project Planner, City Planning Division, 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678. ff the matter is continued for any reason to a later date, written comments and public testimony will be accepted until the close of the final Public Hearing. All comments will be considered by the Approving Authority. The Planning Commission's action on the project may be appealed by any interested person to the City Council by filing a written appeal with the City Clerk within 10 days following the Planning Commission's final action on the project. If the City Council is the final Approving Authority, or if the project is appealed to the Council, the Council's action is final. ff you challenge the action of the Planning Commission on this matter in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the Public Hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the Planning Division at, or prior to the Public Hearing. Dated: May 19, 2014 CHRIS BURROWS Planning Manager Publish: May 23, 2014 Download a copy of this notice: Oakbriar F-23 Subdivision Hearing Notice.pdf
  6. SPA-3 Approved On April 16, 2014, the Roseville City Council unanimously approved the Specific Plan Amendment 3 (SPA-3) for major changes to the Fiddyment Farm area of the West Roseville Specific Plan (WRSP). Presentations were made by Roseville City Planning representatives Chris Burrows and Ron Miller, and developers’ agents Steve Hicks and John Bayless. Members of the WestPark-Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association Sue Hallahan-Cook, Joe Van Zant, and Aaron Kacalek also made statements for the record. In addition, Mayor Rohan referenced numerous letters submitted related to SPA-3, and very politely lead a question and answer period following the presentations and statements but before the final vote. The following is a brief background on SPA-3: 2006--The original WRSP was approved for 8,430 homes: 4,170 in Fiddyment Farm and 4,260 in WestPark. [Amendments submitted on behalf of both Fiddyment Farm and WestPark] 2009—SPA-2 for Fiddyment Farm was approved—basically a numbers game, increasing the density of the six High Density Residential (HDR) facilities to 20 and 25 units per acre (U/A) and reducing outlying parcels to ½ -acre lots to keep the total number of units close to number of units in the original WRSP. 2010—SPA-3 was issued requesting an additional 1,905 units be added to the SPA-3 area (same areas previously reduced by SPA-2) and included the addition of two more HDR facilities (making 9 total). 2013—after ongoing opposition and a subsequent Environmental Impact Report, the developers presented an amended SPA-3 reducing the number of units from 1,905 to 1,661 units. Dec. 2013—Roseville Planning Commission unanimously approved SPA-3 as proposed and moved it on to City Council for final approval. WFFNA opposed SPA-3 based on the large direct impact on the Fiddyment Farm portion of the WRSP, and ultimately on the entire WRSP. The total residential units for the WRSP with the various amendments already granted will now be approximately 10,478 units—over 2,000 homes added from the original plan. The presenters stated their conclusions that the addition of the 1661 units [averages of 4,335 people and 3,322 vehicles] would have no impact or change in overall density. The two added HDR facilities will now bring the total of HDR facilities in Fiddyment Farm to 9—that’s 29% of our residential units in high density facilities. The presenters showed charts representing that as a low figure compared with other areas of the City of Roseville (similar to their 2010 misleading chart which we countered with appropriate computations showing it was actually the highest concentration in the City of Roseville). The developers also stated that the new housing densities would be “in line” with those of other recently approved developments, naming Sierra Vista and Westbrook, both south of Fiddyment Farm and WestPark. After direct questioning from Mayor Rohan, Mr. Burrows stated the intent was always to increase the density of the plan, and said disclosure amendments were issued in 2006 and 2008 and added to the CC&Rs given to homeowners. [After the meeting, we located our copy presented at our home purchase in 2007. There are several references reflecting, “The Community Plan may be modified by Signature and/or the Participating Builders and specifically, that Signature may modify the planned density for the Community as set forth in Section D.5 below.” Section D-5 of our copy indicates, “Signature intends to seek one or more density increases for that portion of the Community that Signature plans to develop (the “Signature Villages”). Although that intent was never mentioned during the entire purchase process, it appears the builders were quite aware of it—the statement was in the hundreds of pages of documents provided at closing. Very little was mentioned as to the Subsequent EIR, other than referencing that it stated, “The proposed project would result in Significant and Unavoidable impacts to transportation and Circulation, Noise and Air Quality, and Public Services—Water Supply.” But what impact does that have when it then recommends the project be passed, “… because of the rest of the projected buildup in the area, SPA-3 will have no additional impact and therefore it should be passed. “ Sue Hallahan-Cook speaking for WFFNA asked that the City of Roseville honor Specific Plan Agreements as it proceeds with future expansion, thus instilling the faith of the persons buying their homes under the plans as represented. She asked for a compromise for SPA-3—that the future build-out be returned to the original build-out density of the West Roseville Specific Plan, but received no response to that suggestion. So after four years of frustration for us all, SPA-3 has been approved and the building will move forward, only a little less than originally proposed, so that’s something positive. The City of Roseville will have the added density and HDR facilities towards meeting its governmental requirements of affordable housing, and we’ll know to read every page of agreements to look for those unmentioned disclosures in the future.
  7. Members of WFFNA’s Planning Committee met with the new developers of the Placer Ranch property (“Placer Ranch”) on October 29, 2013. Present were Loren Cook, Sue Hallahan-Cook and Joe Van Zant of WFFNA, and Jeff Jones, John Tallman, and Aldo Pineschi for the Westpark Communities developers. Westpark Communities purchased the Placer Ranch property just the week prior to the meeting. Tat the time of the meeting, Placer Ranch has not yet been annexed to the City of Roseville. Currently there is a tax share agreement between the City of Roseville and Placer County, but the County has the ‘veto right’ at this time. Mr. Jones gave a brief review of the history of Placer Ranch which was owned by Eli Broad (of KB Homes) for the past 30 years. Initially, plans included developing Placer Ranch in conjunction with the Stanford Ranch development, but those plans were put on hold in 2007/2008 when the housing industry slowed. The original development plans included commercial and light industrial properties along the northern and eastern perimeters (adjacent to the future Placer Parkway); and construction of 5,000 residential units (mostly high density residential [HDR] and medium density residential [MDR]) both east and west of a 300-acre university campus site (land to be donated by the developer). Fiddyment Road would expand to four lanes north of Blue Oaks up through Placer Ranch; similar to Fiddyment Road south of Blue Oaks, it is expected to eventually expand to six lanes in the future. In addition to the future Placer Parkway to be constructed along its northern boundary, Placer Ranch would include at least two major east - west roadways across the development as alternate routes into the area. As with all future projects in West Roseville (excluding West Roseville Specific Plan started prior to the Placer Parkway Agreement), Placer Ranch will be subject to the $5,000 per unit fee towards the Placer Parkway project. Sacramento State University (“Sac State”) was previously interested in the potential satellite campus site; Mr. Jones said the developers met with Sac State officials after purchasing Placer Ranch and the officials reported that they were still interested and excited to start the process. The cost of the first campus building is estimated at $20 Million, but once the enrollment is large enough to meet State of California requirements, the state would “kick-in” with expansion funds. Sac State is interested in having a less transient enrollment than it has currently, and the proposed campus and the Placer Ranch project should allow sufficient housing, both on campus and in the surrounding area, for students attending Sac State.
  8. On September 25, 2013, at Mahany Community Center, members from several RCONA neighborhood associations met with developers of the proposed Retail Complex to be built at the Blue Oaks and Woodcreek Oaks intersection. The developers’ invitation provided an opportunity for neighborhood leaders to provide input into the project—what would potential customers like to see there? The following Neighborhood Associations were represented: Blue Oaks -- April Marskell and Quail Glen -- Elfi Sotomayer and Irene La Vigne WestPark-Fiddyment Farm -- Loren and Sue Cook, and Joe Van Zant Although invited, Sun City and Highland Reserve had no attendees present. Curt Burwell, head developer of the project, introduced his team -- Richard Sambucetti (Architect), Jeffrey Dorso, and Chuck Cunningham (Planning/ Engineer). Also present was Wayne Wiley, City Planner. They gave a presentation of the conceptual plan--architectural site and landscape plans, providing a packet of the same for each neighborhood and showing a palette of the actual color schemes to be used in the project. The development will be all retail. Details mentioned included parking per code requirements, ample site lighting, and easy access -- including 3 potential entrances/exits on Blue Oaks with a separate access lane, and another entrance/exit on Woodcreek Oaks. Medians along Blue oaks will be upgraded, and discussions with the City will include a potential stoplight to help traffic issues along Blue Oaks. Mr. Burwell said one final parcel at the corner was still in negotiations, but would probably end up as a drug store site; it could open as early as next summer (2014). Other tenants would follow as agreements are made so facilities don’t sit unoccupied. Other comments and suggestions for potential stores included Trader Joe, PetCo, UPS Store, a used book store, and food places like Pannera, Baja Fresh, and Chipotle. The developers said they felt the meeting had provided helpful input to their future planning, and the neighborhood members expressed their appreciation for being included in the planning process of the future retail center. An official public hearing will be held in the future as City regulations require, and notices will be issued at that time. Mr. Burwell asked that any questions or feedback during the process be directed to his attention at ceburwell@aol.com.
  9. Meetings with West Roseville Specific Plan (WRSP) Developers Members from WFFNA’s Planning & Development committee met with representatives of the developers from the West Roseville Specific Plan. Here are a few updates for you: Jan. 29, 2013—WestPark Associates Loren & Sue Cook and Chris Erickson met with Aldo Paneschi, John Tallman and Jeff Jones of WestPark Associates. They said there had been a recent resurge of interest from builders and they were going forward with proposed mapping changes for development in the Phase 4 area. They presented a tentative plan they will submit to the City soon. Here’s some items noted: high density facility moved out of residential area to a Blue Oaks entrance area high density facility could be built at 20 units per acre (agreements with City not to hold to 25 units per acre) school area redesigned so no home fronts would face school street would add 30 homes (minor amount overall with a better plan) infrastructure for Phase 3 should start 2013, and for Phase 4 in 2014 So this presentation seemed to be good news for the future of our neighborhood. February 11, 2013—Fiddyment Ranch SPA 3 (Specific Plan Amendment) Loren & Sue Cook, Amy Aufdenberge, and Joe Van Zant met with Steve Hicks of Signature Management Co.; Ron Miller, Project Planner; Katherine Waugh, Dudek (EIR Preparer); and various City and Signature members to discuss recently reactivated SPA 3 proposal. Here’s some items noted: Several of the High Density Residential (HDR) facilities will not have to be built out at 25 units per acre (F21,22,23,and 24); F6B and F8B will still be 25 units per acre. The Subsequent EIR now pending will include all original opposition submitted from WFFNA, and will include impacts from all areas annexed since the original EIR was done (including Sierra Vista and WestBrook, Creekview, and Reason Farms). Plan includes better street flow and access, including four Round- A-Bouts at intersections. Although density bonuses will still be granted for HDR builders, reduced parking allowance will not be granted—they must provide sufficient on-site parking. Loren requested the developers meet with the City for discussions of a possible police sub-station in this area. Although the overall plan is better than last presented, it still requests 1660 additional units (reduced from 1905 as originally presented). This is basically the removal of one HDR facility, not from any reduction of the housing density on homes. Sue Cook read section from 4.3 from the West Roseville Specific Plan which basically limits changes in increases or decreases of units to “not change by more than twenty-percent (20%)... as established at the time of original approval of the Specific Plan”. City staff said that just refers to developers not having to request specific amendments, but WFFNA members disagreed with that interpretation and still believe 1660 units exceeds that of the Specific Plan, without including subsequent SPAs already adding an additional 404 homes. Steve Hicks said Signature Management would like to present the latest proposal at one of our WFFNA meetings and will work with Loren Cook to schedule it for March or April. WFFNA will keep you posted.

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