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Baseline Marketplace Presentation - Summary

Baseline Marketplace Presentation


At the regular meeting of the Fiddyment Farm and WestPark Neighborhood Association Boards, guest speaker Nick Alexander presented an overview of the Baseline Marketplace project.  Mr. Alexander is the developer of the project in coordination with the Sierra Vista Specific Plan (SVSP) project.  Eventually, there will be commercial projects running all along the north side of Baseline Road to Watt Avenue as part of the SVSP.  Baseline Market is the first commercial project, 750,000 square feet of retail space, running 5,000 feet from Fiddyment Road to Market Street (once extended). 


He indicated it has taken 11 years to get through all the regulatory permit procedures, finally obtaining the ‘404 wetland permits this past May for Phases 1 and 2.  The property has now been graded and the retention bases are completed.  P&E lines run parallel to Baseline through to the west of the SVSP, and the project will connect sewer lines up to the West Roseville Specific Plan lines. 


Guidelines for the project have been approved (shared at the meeting).  Infrastructure of utilities should begin 2018, and above-ground building construction approximately 2019-2020.  If the prospective tenant can comply with the guidelines already approved, they can go directly to building and not have to go through the new building permit process.  They have already received interest from several commercial vendors to get started after the first of the year. 


Amenities of the project (large architectural designs displayed at the meeting), included: 

  • Traffic signals at San Fernando, Market, Upland and along Baseline to allow for left turns into commercial areas.
  • Widening of Fiddyment Road; and widening of Baseline Road to 5 lanes, to extend as parcels extend.  Placer County projects will be responsible for adding the 6th lane.  Fees are covered through Baseline Improvement Fees.  Placer Vineyard Project has 25 different landowners involved in the project.  Whoever builds first is responsible for road improvements.
  • Trees will be added all along the project side of Baseline and Fiddyment Roads.
  • Commercial retail store ‘footprints’ were used to accommodate large stores such as Home Depot and Target (Phase 1) and membership store with gas station such as Costco (Phase 2).  No actual commitments can be named yet.
  • 3 gas station sites and a bus transit station (commuter park & ride station—50 parking spaces).
  • The developer has the responsibility to monitor the open wetland spaces for 5-years to the Core of Engineers, and then turn the property over to the City of Roseville. 
  • The PG&E pressure reduction station was finally agreed to go at the corner of Baseline and Market near the wetland areas, instead of Upland as PG&E had wanted. 
  • Zoning allows for an urgent care and/or medical care facilities.
  • Power lines will go underground when construction begins.
  • Sound mitigation is within EIR requirements.
  • Scott Alvord said attempts will be made to get Sutter County to fix their section of Baseline. 
  • Fire Station #10 will be closer to Pleasant Grove than it is to Baseline, not in the commercial areas.


The proposed Baseline Marketplace plans can be found on the Roseville city website.


SVSP 04 Land Use ver. 2017-07-05.pdf









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