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Fiddyment Farm SPA 3 First Public Meeting - Oct 26

On October 26, 2010, at Junction Elementary, Steve Hicks of Signature Homes presented SPA 3 to over 150 members of the WestPark and Fiddyment Farm neighborhoods. Specific Plan Amendment (SPA) #3 is the current petition of the developer Signature Homes to the City of Roseville for permission to modify their property covered in the West Roseville Specific Plan (WSRP) originally approved in 2004. Steve presented a slide show presentation which he has made available for you through the WFFNA.org website. In addition to the Signature Homes representatives present, Mike Isom and other members from the City’s Planning Department were available to assist with responses to questions from the audience.

Steve presented updates on the overall WRSP development, including Norm Fratis park, Blue Oaks bridge, the Fire Station, and progress of bike trails. In addition, he pointed out the amenities of the current Fiddyment Farm development that will continue throughout the rest of the development, including the extension of Hayden Parkway with median strips; streets fronting along all open spaces; and the beautiful tree-lined parkway strips throughout. He also proudly referenced the inclusion of 4 neighborhood parks with restroom facilities and 8 pocket parks (like Burner Park near the Shea and Morrison homes). These pocket parks are above and beyond any city requirements. Also noted were the 3 regional park sites which will include a 75 acre sports complex. All these amenities are detailed in the slide show mentioned above for your reference.

Steve then explained the design review process and described the differences in the various categories of residential [Low Density (LDR), Median Density (MDR), High Density (HDR)], and commercial zoning designations. SPA #3 represents some major changes by increasing the number of units by about 1905 units to the Fiddyment Farm development, mainly north of Blue Oaks. These units would include 580 additional LDR, three additional neighborhoods of MDR (609 units) and 2 additional sites of HDR. The HDR would also increase their density from 20 units per acre to 25 units per acre (and could still be subject to further increase in the future until built). The purpose of the proposed changes is to restore ‘density’ to levels which would support the infrastructure costs. While the projected time to actual construction of these changes in phases 2 and 3 could be 15 years, it was stated that they “must plan for the future to meet correct infrastructure needs”. One positive result noted would be that the school requirements would be increased from the 3.2 to 4.0, assuring the fourth school would get built.

During the question and answer period which lasted over one hour, numerous residents reflected concerns over the increased traffic in the area — the limitations of Hayden Parkway, safety needs of emergency exit routes in the area, and the need for public transportation (many of the same concerns raised at the recent meeting with WestPark Associates at Chilton Middle School). Chris Kraft of the Engineering Department related plans for the expansion of Blue Oaks up to 6 lanes all the way to Highway 65, the addition of two lanes on Fiddyment Road to Baseline next year, and further expansion of Baseline Road with the Sierra Vista project.

A great many comments concerned the future needs of high density facilities given the current problems of the Siena Apartments (mainly insufficient parking allowance). When questioned about any increased costs and fees for residents, the response was that higher population requires more services and fees would probably increase to provide them.

For any further information, you may contact Steve Hicks at shicks@sighomes.com.

Please find below the Signature Properties presentation from the SPA 3 First Public Meeting - Oct 26, 2010.

You will need Acrobat 9 to view this (available here) and the presentation download is just under 8 MB.

SPA 3 Presentation October 26.pdf

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