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6810 Fiddyment Road - SPA (Sierra Vista)


Notice is hereby given that on December 12, 2013 at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, the Planning Commission of the City of Roseville will hold a Public Hearing at the City Council Chambers located at 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA for the purpose of considering an application for a GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT, SPECIFIC PLAN AMENDMENT, REZONE, DESIGN REVIEW PERMIT FOR RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION, & TENTATIVE SUBDIVISION MAPS – 6810 FIDDYMENT ROAD – SVSP JMC MAPS - FILE# 2012PL-038; PROJECT # GPA-000064, SPA-000046, RZ-000061, DRP-000449, SUB-000157, SUB-000158.

Request: The applicant requests approval of entitlements for approximately 254.8 acres of land within the Sierra Vista Specific Plan area. The requested project entitlements include: 1) a Specific Plan Amendment to increase Lot JM-30 (HDR) from 6.1 acres to 7.6 acres and increase the allocated high density residential units from 138 to 159, decrease Lot JM-41 (CC) from 15.0 acres to 13.5 acres, increase Lot JM-83 (OS) from 6.2 acres to 6.3 acres, increase the number of units in Lot JM-02 from 148 to 187 units, and modify the boundaries of Lot JM-51 and Lot JM-52 (park sites); 2) a General Plan Amendment to modify the map to reflect changes to the boundaries of Lots JM-30, JM-41, JM-83, JM-51 and JM-52; 3) a Rezone to modify the zoning boundaries on Lots JM-30, JM-41, JM-83, JM-51 and JM-52; 4) a Design Review Permit of Residential Subdivision to establish design standards for the Medium Density Residential Villages JM-20 and JM-21; 5) a Tentative Subdivision Map to subdivide 254.8 acres into 35 large lots; and 6) a Tentative Subdivision Map to create 1,020 single-family lots within six villages.

Download the full document here:

6810 Fiddyment Road SPA (SVSP).pdf

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