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School District meeting - Summary

On Thursday, August 6, 2009, Loren Cook, president of the WestPark-Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association, introduced Roseville City School Superintendent Richard Pierucci to approximately 55 neighborhood members at Junction Elementary school. Mr. Pierucci then introduced Carrie Vincent, the recently appointed principal, to a round of approval from those members who were already familiar with Ms. Vincent from her work with the Junction school this past year.

Mr. Pierucci discussed development practices for new schools, stating that usually the homes in neighborhoods were built first and schools came later. He indicated that the building of Junction and Chilton schools by the WestPark and Fiddyment Farm developers in advance of the completion of homes was a benefit to the district and residents. He outlined the additional three schools to be built, the first one projected to start in 2011, depending on the economy.

Mr. Pierucci stated the current lease of Chilton Middle School by St. John’s School is contracted through this school year and would have to be renegotiated beyond that. He stated that the current projected enrollment for middle school in this area, currently reflected as only 68 students, is not enough for the school district to open the school. Therefore, the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in this area will continue to attend Cooley Middle School for at least another year after this one. One parent indicated she felt the transportation assessment they were charged is unfair because it isn’t the homeowners’ fault that Chilton hasn’t been opened yet and that there should be more than two pick-up spots in the area. Mr. Pierucci said he’d speak with the transportation department about expanding the pick-up spots and the issue of the fees.

Some parents expressed concern about what activities might be available to Chilton once it opens since the enrollment might not be high enough to support some of the activities that are available at Cooley, such as dance, band, etc. Mr. Pierucci indicated that they would try to accommodate whatever activities the enrollment supported, but that students are always offered the option to finish out at their old school whenever a new school opens. They may open Chilton with the 6th grade only, then move up each year as enrollment expands.

Ms. Vincent answered questions about a new safety patrol and recently painted crosswalks. Students and teachers will be supervising on the school grounds and parent volunteers will be recruited on the non-school sides of the crosswalks. Also, the curbs have been painted red to disallow parking in the school drive; the lane must be kept open as a fire and emergency lane. She stated there will continue to be two afternoon release times for children, but the times will be closer together. Attendance has expanded and the street side classrooms will now be in use, but security measures will continue to monitor the grounds against intruders. Ms. Vincent directed parents with inquiries of registration of pre-school children to contact the City of Roseville which is responsible for pre-schools.

Ms. Vincent said letters will issue this Friday to provide enrollment information when their offices reopen on August 10th. She also invited everyone to their ice cream social on Thursday, August 20th, 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., to be followed on August 21st with parent orientation to meet with teachers.

Mr. Pierucci said he could not address specific questions related to high schools since he is superintendent for the K-8th grades; questions regarding the high schools should be addressed to the superintendent of the Roseville Joint Union High School District. Mr. Pierucci did indicate that earliest probability for a new high school opening here would probably be 2014. Until then, students from this area would continue to attend Oakmont High School. After several parents indicated their interest in meeting with the superintendent of the high school district, Loren Cook said he would try to set up a similar meeting and get a notice out through the neighborhood association websites.

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