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Schools Committee Meeting Summary for October 18, 2016

1)    6th High School: 

a)    Discussed Measure D:  Ron Severson and Joe Landon were guest speakers at the October FFNA/WPNA Annual meeting.  A limited number of copies of the presentation are available. Full text of Measure D and details on the project list: https://www.placerelections.com/uploads/documents/11082016/11082016_MeasureD.pdf

                                                                       Q & A’s:

           Q: Where does the funding for Phase II of the building come from? A: From the monies generated by the building of homes in West Roseville.

           Q: What’s up with Prop 51? A: This is a statewide general obligation bond for construction and deferred maintenance monies for K-14 public schools. The link is: https://oag.ca.gov/system/files/initiatives/pdfs/15-0005%20(Education%20Bond%20Act).pdf?

            Q: Who chooses the oversight committee to watch expenditures for the Sixth High School?  A: We would guess that one would have to apply and more than likely the School Board would decide members.

            Q: Why isn’t the need for the Sixth High School prominent in the language on the information on the  Bond? A: For the Bond to pass, the language must appeal to all the District and what each area will get out of the passage.

        Comment: Mello Roos monies should be available to use for maintenance on the high school.  Loren Cook has brought this up to the City Manager and no clear answers were given.  This should be on our To Do List

    b) Loren Cook discussed minutes from the presentation of the City of Roseville Elementary School Superintendent, Derk Garcia.  He presented information at the last FFNA/WNA Board Meeting.  This information is available on the FFNA and WNA websites.

    c) Attendance boundaries, per Joe Landon:  "In the event we pass Measure D and are able to get 6th HS constructed, we probably wouldn’t look into redrawing the boundaries [from current map] at least until Phase 2 is built. The method for redrawing the boundaries: form a boundary committee of citizens, board members, etc to work on the enrollment/demographic projections and work on a solution that would last over the long term. Before Phase 2 is built, we may have room to house some intra-district student transfers at the 6th HS or Woodcreek, but tough to guess how many at this time and we have to ensure we don’t jeopardize the space for the students in the SFID boundaries (or other site). We still have another 20,000 homes coming in West Roseville and have to ensure we have the space for them there."  A limited number of boundary maps are available. RJUHSD website. Comment: The schools are moving toward the same curriculum, where in the past each school could have different academic focus subjects.  This will make intra-district transfers a little more feasible.

2)    Elementary Schools:  construction update: The schools are progressing handily.

3)    Educational Measures on ballot:

      a)  Prop 51  https://oag.ca.gov/system/files/initiatives/pdfs/15-0005%20(Education%20Bond%20Act).pdf?   Schools older than 25 years may be eligible for these monies, but would have to be applied for from each District. 

b)  Prop 58  http://elections.cdn.sos.ca.gov/ballot-measures/pdf/sb-1174-chapter-753.pdf


4)    HS Steering Committee: updates???

The next meeting will be in January. It will be working on school name, mascots, and curriculum programming by January and will want committee members involved to help make those decisions.

5)    Other: None

6)    Roundtable: Loren would like this committee to keep in mind that the 260 homes in his area are still working on being reimbursed for an assessment (on a Bond approval from 2007) beginning in 2010/2011 tax year. Although the School District has taken measures to correct this in the future, there could be a class action lawsuit or other measures to get reimbursed by the District, who are delaying action on the reimbursement issue.  

7)    Next meeting:  The next meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2016 at Chilton Library.  Pending the outcome of the November 8th election that may be the final meeting of the joint FFNA and WNA Schools Committee meeting.  The citizen oversight functions of this committee may be taken up by the Oversight Committee or 6th HS Steering Committee.  School concerns in the community will still be a topic at the NA meetings.

Goal: This committee is dedicated to the promotion and support of schools in West Roseville, with the immediate goal of opening the 6th RJUSD high school.

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