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Summary of SPA3 Presentation

    Summary of the SPA3 Presentation at the April WFFNA Meeting

On March 10, 2013, at the WestPark-Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association (WFFNA) Board Meeting, Steve Hicks and John Bayless, representatives for the Fiddyment Farm developers, gave a very good slide presentation followed by an extensive Q&A period that lasted almost 90 minutes. The slide presentation gave the following updates on development:

  • Fiddyment Farm School (built jointly by WestPark and Fiddyment Farm developers) will open this August.
  • Two more groups of single family homes in the F-15 and F-16 areas have started construction.
  • Lennar has started a group of 86 lots up in the F-14 area.

He reviewed the numerous amenities of Fiddyment Farm:

  • Median islands which help slow traffic into the neighborhoods
  • Beautiful tree lined parking strips in front of homes
  • Streets running adjacent to open spaces and parks
  • Pocket parks unique to Fiddyment Farm (8 eventually), and 4 Neighborhood Parks
  • 5 miles of bike trails plus hiking trails through the parks

Mr. Hicks indicated the second school of the area opening in August, another 2 elementary schools in the West Roseville Specific Plan as needed. He also indicated our students are currently attending Oakmont High across town, but the high school property was purchased in May 2011. Unfortunately, the opening of the high school has now been postponed until 2018.

Mr. Hicks said Fiddyment Farm is in the 9th year of a 20-year build-out schedule. The partial extension of Blue Oaks to Hayden Parkway was advanced from Phase 4 to coincide with the completion of the new Fire Station #9 due to open soon.

Then Mr. Hicks got into the details of requested amendments proposed in SPA-3, indicating the proposed number of homes to be modified:

  • Adds 586 LDR (Low density residential) units, less 98 acres (transferred to other uses)—creating new average density of 4.9 units per acre. [Examples of properties—Silver Oaks at 2.4 to Sonata at 4.1 units per acre, and Shadow Creek 4.8 to Bella Terra at 5.5 units per acre.]
  • Adds 609 units of new MDR (mid density residential) at average 10.9 units per acre. [Examples Pleasant Creek at 8.0 to Villemont (near Costco) at 9.5 units per acre.]
  • Adds 472 units of HDR (high density residential) at 25 units per acre (in two additional projects in Phase 3 near F-71 school property. [Examples Vintage Square and Siena Apts. at 22 units per acre.]
  • 3 HDR units off Fiddyment Road in Phase 1 area will maintain build out at 20 units per acre (with City agreement).
  • Total additional housing: said to be 1,661 units in City Summary, however figures add up to 1667.
  • Adds 2 commercial properties at F-6 area and F-81 at Angus Rd. and Fiddyment Road.

Mr. Hicks said the added density would bring school population from 3.2 to 4.0 to guarantee the fourth school.

A Subsequent EIR is in preparation now and should be available this summer. It will include all new approved developments since the initial 2004 EIR.

Following the presentation, Steve Hicks and John Bayless responded to questions and concerns from the audience; examples as follows:

  1. A concern was raised about traffic to the new Fiddyment Farm school and when Hayden Parkway would open. Phase 2 and 3 are expected to take 10 more years to build out. Hayden Bridge will not be completed until Phase 3, probably 4 or 5 more years, so traffic will have to route through the local neighborhood streets. But there is a close access to the school now.
  2. Why were the two additional HDR facilities added? They were added to accommodate city needs to meet low income housing requirements. At build-out, our HDR level will be 27% of the West Roseville Specific Plan.
  3. Other concerns were stated regarding the projected increase of density, including increased crime. The developers indicated that they are building to meet market driven needs. They also said increased density could have benefits of getting our amenities quicker, and guaranteeing the fourth elementary school.

Mayor Susan Rohan indicated full consideration would be given to reviewing the SEIR, and urged residents to submit their comments, letters and questions to the City Planning Department.

Steve Hicks agreed to come back for another meeting to share thoughts after the Subsequent EIR comes out and he will contact Loren Cook at that time.

Steve Hicks: (916) 240-2752

John Bayless: (916) 275-1885

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