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WRSP SPA3 - Restarted

    SPA 3 Restarted - See details below

For those that were not here 2009 and 2010 here is some background information on West Roseville Specific Plan (WRSP) - Specific Plan Amendment 3 (SPA 3):

In November 2009 Signature Properties submitted an application to amend the West Roseville Specific Plan (WRSP) to add 1,905 residential units and 6.2 acres of commercial land within the Fiddyment Ranch portion of the WRSP.

On March 3, 2010, Council adopted resolutions approving 1) a Professional Services Agreement for professional environmental consulting services and preparation of a Subsequent EIR (SEIR), and 2) authorizing the City Manager to enter into a Funding Agreement with the land owner (Roseville/Fiddyment Land Venture. LLC) for reimbursement of consultant costs and staff processing of the application.

In December 2011, the applicant provided a written request to staff to discontinue processing the application due to financial issues associated with the ownership/partnership for the property/project. The application was ultimately withdrawn in October 2012.

The new property ownership group, ATC Realty One, LLC, is now ready to resubmit an application to complete the Specific Plan Amendment, with one modification. The quantity of additional residential units requested will be reduced by 245 units from 1,905 to 1,660. With the exception of this modification, the new project description, acreages, and entitlements will be identical to the project submitted in 2009.

The consulting firm of North Fork Associates (NFA) prepared the Subsequent EIR (SEIR) for the original Fiddyment SPA 3 project. As a result of a merger, NFA is now operating as Dudek. Since NFA (now Dudek) prepared the SEIR for the original project, Dudek was selected to prepare a Recirculated SEIR to address the revised project description for proposed Fiddyment SPA 3 project.

The funding for the SPA3 SEIR work was approved by the Roseville City Council last night (January 16th, 2013).

Attached below is the proposed scope of work for the SEIR including a schedule to the public circulation and then final hearings.

WRSP SPA3 - SEIR Proposed Scope of Work.pdf

We have also attached a map of the property now owned by ATC Realty One and managed by Signature Properties.

WRSP SPA3 - Land Ownership.pdf

At last nights City Council meeting WFFNA President Loren Cook requested:

1. that the Neighborhood Association be informed of any changes or scheduled public hearings (as we were NOT notified of this event).

2. that the over 400 emails and letters that were sent in to the city in 2010 be taken as the first round of input for neighborhood concerns on this new SEIR.

3. discrepancies we pointed out in the previous SEIR (2010) be addressed ahead of the public review.

The WFFNA Planning & Development Committee will begin early meetings with the city and the new owners management staff (Signature Properties) in early February.

If you would like to be a part of the committee or attend any of these meetings please contact Loren Cook by filling out the form here

Thank you for your support in maintaining and improving the "Quality of Life" in the WestPark - Fiddyment Farms neighborhood!

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