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Annual Neighborhood Watch Meeting - Summary

Roseville Police Liaison Rob Baquera and Volunteer Coordinator Mary Helen Ivers headed the annual meeting for Neighborhood Watch Captains and volunteers. Up to six (6) captains from the WestPark – Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association -- Loren & Sue Cook (WFFNA & Ironcrest), Joe Van Zant (Settler’s Ridge), Lita Freeman(Sentiero), Dennis Kelleher (The Club) and possibly one other person that mentioned WestPark later in the meeting. We would like to have had more of our captains present, but it was good to see a cross-section of the area was represented.

Two patrol sergeants, Sgt. Bosworth and Sgt. Lewis, reviewed some recent crime stats for the City of Roseville -- while property crime had risen 2% (mainly at the Galleria mall), the overall crime rate was down 9% (lower than surrounding regions) as compared to the same time in 2013. They discussed most recent crime trends -- theft of delivered packages off porches (including medications), rise of heroin use, and continued metal thefts. They reminded everyone to report any suspicious activity right away—for active crimes call 911 and for anything else call the Roseville Police non-emergency number (916) 774-5000. Residents should call the police directly, and notify their Neighborhood Watch captains after reporting the incident.

Within the next year, the Police Department plans to expand its coverage, adding a Beat 7 (which would include our WFFNA area). One police officer was recently hired, but 8 officers are needed to cover another beat. The Roseville Police Department currently has about 12 staff officers on duty during peak hours.

The patrol sergeants also warned about latest scams in the area:

  • People soliciting donations around the Galleria mall and at intersections—they actually make large sums doing this as their ‘business’;
  • People fake accidents and try to collect on the spot to keep it 'unreported';
  • Posing as fake company/utility representatives and then committing thefts once inside homes (usually two people – one to distract the occupant while the second one performs the theft);

General reminders:

  • Don’t leave garage doors open even partway -- the police officer on duty will knock on your door if they see garage doors open at night;
  • Keep cars locked if they are parked on the street or in driveways (recommendation is to clean out garages and park cars inside); take advantage of free programs for ID etching on your car’s catalytic converter -- find participating agencies on the Roseville Police Department website;
  • Watch for thefts during property sales -- keep valuables packed away, make sure someone is attending viewers at all times;
  • Keep your side gates locked; keep home alarms in good working order (must keep City registration updated).

Rob led a round table discussion about getting Neighborhood Watch groups started -- how to develop teams in areas; encourage consistent meetings; make them ‘social’ events. If needed, a conference room at the Roseville Police Department can be reserved. Remind neighbors to sign up for the ‘vacation check’ program if they’re going out of town -- the form is available on the Police website. Promote newsletters and email groups to keep communication fresh for 'alerts'.

To find out more about the Neighborhood Watch program in your WestPark – Fiddyment Farm development, contact us here. We still have developments that need captains to organize Neighborhood Watch in their areas.

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