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Safety First - Porch and Front Door Safety



Porch and Front Door Safety

By:  Rob Baquera, Public Information Officer, Roseville Police Department


Package theft, home burglaries, and garage break-ins always increase in the fall. With more hours of darkness heading our way, our historical trends show criminal activity increases.


Technology has greatly improved many aspects of home security. Video doorbells, easy to install home security systems, and motion lighting have become less expensive and we highly recommend residents research these solutions. The good news is you don’t have to spend money to deter crime. There are several low-cost and low-tech things you can do to decrease your chances of becoming a victim.


Here’s a few to consider:

  • Consistently leave your porch light on instead of just when you choose to go out. If anyone is watching your home, they’ll notice the pattern and may target your home for possible break-in. You can even install dusk to dawn sensing light bulbs so you don’t even have to flip a switch.
  • Inside your house, put a light or two on a timer to give the appearance someone is home.
  • Join or start a neighborhood watch group. There are several active watch groups in Roseville. Contact PDCommunityServices@roseville.ca.us to see if there’s a group near your home. If you’re not able to join one, start a new group. There’s a starter guide on the RPD website.
  • Get to know your neighbors, they’re your best crime prevention tool. Take note of their vehicles and who usually comes and goes from their house(s). Don’t be afraid to report suspicious activity if something looks out of place.
  • Install a door brace bar inside your garage door to prevent someone from pushing the side door into your house open, and always lock the door from your garage to your house.
  • Install accent lighting so you can see throughout your yard
  • Take care of your landscaping by:

            o   planting thorny shrubs or bushes under your windows

            o   Prune bushes down to three feet high so you don’t create a place for criminals to hide

            o   Trim trees up to six feet high so you can easily see around them


Taking these simple steps can help protect you and your family from unwanted visitors or intruders. Being a good neighbor means looking out for unusual or suspicious activity. If you have an ongoing nuisance issue or when something doesn’t seem right and you want to report suspicious activity, call the non-emergency number at 916-774-5000. If you’re witnessing a crime in progress, call 911. Police officers catch several criminals each year and solve many cases because our community keeps watch and reports suspicious activity.  Keep up the great work, Roseville!

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