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Simple summer security steps - June 2023


Simple summer security steps

 By: Roseville Police Department


Summer is approaching, and as the weather warms up, the number of people outside at night increases.  More people outside in the dark also means more people with intent on burglarizing vehicles and houses.


Roseville is a fairly safe community, leading some to believe that car or home burglaries don't happen here, so for some it is not habit to lock doors and windows.  


Unfortunately, unlocked cars and houses are easy pickings for those with ill intentions.  Although there is not an epidemic of vehicle or home burglaries in Roseville, the community is not immune to it.


Simple steps to take to deter vehicle burglary:

  • Always lock car doors. Individuals will check to see if a car is unlocked if they are looking for an easy opportunity to burglarize.
  • Windows are completely rolled up.
  • Stow valuables out of view from anyone who can look through a car's windows. Anything left in plain view increases the odds of a burglary.
  • Park in well-lit or high traffic areas if possible


Simple steps to deter a home burglary:

  • Always lock all doors and windows at night and whenever you leave the house.  This includes the door leading from the garage into the house.
  • Blinds/curtains installed to obscure view into house
  • Dowel in track or security rod for sliding glass doors
  • Side and back gate latches secured with padlocks and kept locked when not actively in use
  • Bright exterior lights installed around the house and lit when dark or with motion sensors


Make these simple steps a habit!  If you use an e-calendar, set up a “9pm Routine” reminder. If you use a paper calendar / planner, write it in on your daily schedule.


If your car or house is burglarized, call and report it to the police department at 916-774-5000 option 1.


If you see someone or something suspicious in your neighborhood, call us and let us know!  Use 9-1-1 if it’s an emergency or a crime in progress, or 916-774-5000 option 1 if not.

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