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You can help reduce crime in Roseville


by: Roseville Police Department

We are fortunate to live in a relatively safe city, but there are always things you as a can do to deter crime. Here are the top five crime categories in Roseville, with suggestions for reducing crimes in each category:


1)     Theft from a vehicle

A thief typically won’t waste time or risk being caught breaking into your vehicle unless there is something of value to steal. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight.  Set the vehicle alarm if you have one.  When parking away from home, park in a well-lit area, or an area with a lot of foot traffic


2)     Petty theft

  • Bicycle thefts top this category. If you leave a bicycle unattended, lock it securely. At home, secure bikes safely in your garage or shed.
  • Next in this category is theft of wallets, phones, or purses from shopping carts. Don’t leave valuables unattended in your cart. Thieves will quickly take any opportunity to snatch your valuables and run up charges on any credit cards.
  • Third in this category is package theft. Thieves typically drive through neighborhoods to identify packages that are visible on porches. Create a space on your porch that enables delivery drivers to hide your package. Or, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to look out for packages and take them in.  If you have a video doorbell device and are away from home, you can monitor deliveries and be more precise when asking friends to help.


3)     Motor vehicle theft

According to FBI nationwide data, vehicle thefts dropped 50% after the introduction of keyless ignitions.  However, numbers have risen again because some drivers are leaving their key fob in their vehicle.


Safety tips:

  • Take your key fob or key each time you leave your vehicle. Never hide a key or fob in or on your vehicle.
  • Turn off and lock your vehicle every time you leave it, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • Lock and alarm your vehicle. If you don’t have an alarm, use a steering lock or an electronic device that disables your ignition.
  • Garage your vehicle whenever possible.


4)     Vandalism of vehicles

  • Theft of catalytic converters. Recent changes to California Statutes should reduce the incentive for this kind of theft, but you can protect your vehicle’s converter by having it etched with your VIN number.
  • Vandalism for the sake of vandalizing. Keying car doors or tearing off a door mirror are common examples.

Reduce your risk of vandalism by parking in well-lit areas when out and about.  If possible, park your car in the garage.


5)     Residential burglary

The best way to avoid burglary in and around your home is to make it less appealing to thieves. Thieves look for easy opportunities such as:

  • Are there lawnmowers, bikes or other valuables in view? Keep them in your shed or garage with the door locked.
  • Are you away from home? Burglars don’t usually break into an occupied home. When away, leave a light or radio on. Products are now available that project changing light patterns after dark that make it look like a TV is on.
  • Is your yard overgrown or unkempt?  Keep your front lawn mowed and bushes trimmed.


By taking a few precautions, you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.  You will also be helping make Roseville a safer place to live.


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