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2021-2022 FFNA Board Nominees, Annual Meeting & Elections

Our annual election will take place at the general membership meeting on Tuesday, October 12th at St John's Church at 7 pm.


Guest Speaker - Dominick Casey, Roseville City Manager

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2021-2022 FFNA Board Nominees


Loren Cook (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: My wife and we are both retired and live in Fiddyment Farm. We enjoy spending time with our three grandchildren. I spent over 30 years in Executive Management and Senior Management positions at several high tech companies primarily in the Bay Area. I helped organize WFFNA (Westpark - Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association) and served as the President of WFFNA in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013. After Westpark and Fiddyment Farm split in 2014 I have served as President of FFNA in 2014-2015 and 2015-2021. I also serve on several committees as well as volunteering for many citywide local events. I am a Roseville Fire Department volunteer as well as a Roseville Police Department volunteer. I donate the web space for FiddymentFarm.org and am the communication chairman for FFNA and I am also the current President of the Roseville Public Safety Foundation.


Sue Hallahan Cook (Incumbent)

Brief Statement:

I have been a member of the Fiddyment Farm Board since it first founded with WestPark in 2007 and officially joined RCONA in 2008.  I wish to continue as a member with the board, but only as a member-at-large, no longer as an officer.  I feel I may still have some input to contribute, but also feel it is time for other neighborhood members to step-up and be more active in their association.  I want to see our board continue to be strong, and we need more participation from the ever increasing areas of our Neighborhood Associations. Thank you for your consideration. 


Chris Erickson (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: Christopher Erickson and his family have been Fiddyment Farm residents for over 9 years. Our son is now a 16-year-old Junior attending Oakmont High and has attended Junction Elementary and Chilton Middle school. Christopher is a realtor with Realty One Group Complete and a licensed Realtor since 2007. I have successfully represented both buyers and sellers in our neighborhood, I am "your neighborhood Realtor".  Christopher has been an FFNA Board member and the Treasurer for a number of years now. I enjoy having an active role in our neighborhood and interacting with my neighbors whenever I can. I look forward to serving on the board of FFNA for the next year. Thank You for your vote.


Robert Gorman (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: I have been a Member of our Fiddyment Farm NA for the majority of 10 years plus.   I participate in our Activities, ByLaws , Development and Elections Committees.  My history is 33 Years in Sales, Service and Management in the industrial world. I am Married with much family and 2 Grandchildren.  I am not working ,and semi-retired.  I enjoy assisting in the many quality of life issues that our neighborhood associations presents for all of us.  Our interaction with many city personnel is always very informative. Thank you for considering my membership vote again.


Ed Kriz (Incumbent)

Brief Statement: 

Current Member of FFNA Board and active member in the community.  Retired Roseville government employee with a broad knowledge of City policies and processes.

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About Us

The Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association is NOT an HOA and there are no fees or dues. We are here to:

  • Provide an open forum through which all members of the neighborhoods can participate in the identity, social culture, growth, development, and activities of the neighborhoods.
  • Identify and communicate the issues and concerns of the Association members to the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, the City of Roseville, and other appropriate entities.
  • Keep all members of the neighborhoods informed regarding issues vital, or of interest, to the well-being of the neighborhoods.
  • Encourage and facilitate communication and cohesiveness among all the people of the neighborhoods. To act in cooperation with government and non-government agencies to preserve and improve peace, safety and property values in the neighborhoods.
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