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Roseville City School District K-8

On September 14, 2016, Gary Miller, Derk Garcia, and Dennis Snelling from the Roseville City School District K-8, gave a half-hour presentation including updates on the W-70 elementary school under construction off Brookstone Drive in the far western portion of the WestPark development.  Mr. Miller announced that the application period is open for naming the W-70 school.  The application is on the front page of the district office’s website -- rcsdk8.org.  The deadline to submit an application is Sept. 30; the school board will make its decision Oct. 20th.

Derk Garcia, Asst. Superintendent, said the blacktop is in, the building is going up; the buildout is 50% ahead of time, and the district may receive possession of the building from the developers even earlier than the original 7/1/2017 date planned.  This school will have all cement flooring for better maintenance; if it doesn’t work as well as they hope, it can always be covered with another flooring type later.  This is the last school projected to use the same building plan as was used for Junction and Fiddyment Farm; a new plan is expected for F-71 (2nd elementary for the Fiddyment Farm area).

Dennis Snelling said they are posting the building progress daily on their district website.  He said the district has an overall attendance of 10,500 students.  Current figures for our schools: 

  • Fiddyment Farm is now at 654 students (3rd year open); they have 400 in kindergarten, and have brought in 3 portable units there.
  • Junction has 740 students.
  • Chilton has 601 students.


In future, there will be more elementary schools:

  • 600 students at Creekview.
  • 800 students in the Amoruso Ranch development (2-story facility).
  • 800 students for the 2nd Fiddyment Farm elementary  -- F-71.


Capacity Figures for Middle schools:

  • 900 at Cooley 
  • 1100 at Buljan
  • 1200 at Chilton.  As building in this area continues, students may have to be spread over the other middle schools (much like our kids are going to Oakmont High School, only closer).


Derk Garcia said the district meets with developers quarterly, and they keep updated with demographers on future needs.  
Fees for the schools are still being collected in the building impact fees when permits are pulled for new housing.  Funds from the HP Campus Oaks project will still be collected, but the students will be absorbed into the Blue Oaks Elementary School.  

He said an issue has come up in other school areas about fencing:  the schools will remain locked during school hours, but be unlocked after school until sunset only, and then will remain locked on weekends.  Although they understand local families want to be able to use the play areas, they must maintain the security of the schools.

This October, they will pull data on where students reside; in November they will decide the  boundaries for  school attendance and send out notices to the residences in December after the board makes its decisions on district zones.  Parents can apply for inter-district transfers at that time.  The school district’s website will show (possibly as early as next week) by address which school students will be slated to attend.  The district website will be the accurate school assignment (the City/RCONA information will probably not be accurately updated, so use the school district site for the correct information.)


Download the district presentation here:

RCSD West Roseville 9.14.16.pdf

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