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Schools Committee Meeting Summary for May 17, 2016

Review/Old Business: 
 A) Bond Money: The Committee reviewed the second round of Q & A’s sent to the RJUHSD in April. (Attached) The Committee will review the link to California Tax Data to look at how the Bonds will be paid off in ten years.  Of note is that the proposed Bond for the November ballot (to cover High School repairs and the $30 million needed to close the financing gap of the 6th High School) requires 55% to pass rather than  a two-thirds majority.


The Committee also discussed the use of developer fees in regards to the RJUHSD.  Developer fees can be used to help with school site repairs and leased portables.  The District has saved much of the developer fees.  The District pointed out that developer fees cannot be used to pay teacher's salaries, or for textbooks.

The Committee reviewed the fact that the proposed Bond will be voted on by communities with individuals over 55.  The entire District will pay their portion of the Bond which equates to $15.00 per $100,000 assessed value per year.

The Committee feels it is necessary for the City and HS District and this Committee meet to discuss the accounting of collected taxes and fees.

C) Draft letter of introduction/cooperation with Roseville Elementary School District and local PTOs: still being developed.

D) Sign for future 6th High School: Loren Cook talked to the City of Roseville and it was determined that Signature Homes needs to update the sign.  All signs need to have a sticker on them denoting registration with the City.  There has been a general clean-up of signs recently because of this regulation.

E) School Board Forum: in process

New Business:
    The Superintendent of High Schools, Ron Severson, called a meeting for a few of the Committee members: Loren Cook, Scott Alvord, and Sue Van Zant.  He gave us a March Soundbite document and a student attendance chart. (Attached)  The attendees discussed that the District is very motivated to get the funding and begin the 6th High School building project.  They have reduced the bus pass from $225 a year to $50 per year for the 2017/2018 school year to help the parents who have to bus their students.  The projected date for ground breaking will be 2018, with the High School opening in the Fall of 2020 with 9th and 10th graders.

In general, the Committee discussed the pros of the school being built: the HS School District growth will outpace room in the current schools; the fact that home and property values will increase; the added value to the community in activities, a sense of community and identity for West Roseville; and the fact that so many parents want their children to attend a school nearer to their homes. We feel that the Schools Committee has made itself a presence in the development of the 6th High School so that it will keep on track. 



  • The Committee discussed the survey that went out to some homes in West Roseville.  Sue Van Zant has an email out to the HS District as to which homes got the survey and how to get one if requested.  She will keep us updated.
  • Because of a larger turnout for the meeting, it was established that all the handouts from the meeting will be posted, along with these minutes.

Next Meeting:  Due to Chilton being closed for the summer break, the Schools Committee will meet at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 2351 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville on the following dates: June 21st, July 19th and August 16th.  In September, meetings will resume at Chilton Middle School.


See attachments below:

Follow-up for District answers 4-16 (6).pdf


Roseville-JUHSD Survey 5-2016.pdf


RJUHSD Soundbites 3-16.pdf


RJUHSD Audit FY 2014-15 Report (2).pdf


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