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    January 12th, 2016 - 7 to 9 pm FFNA board meetings are open to the public and will be held at (see date for location): Chilton Middle School Library 4501 Bob Doyle Drive Roseville, CA 95747 Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month (unless a holiday interferes) from 7 to 9 PM. 2016 Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting Dates January 12 - Chilton Library February 9 - Chilton Library March 8 - Chilton Library April 12 - Chilton Library
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    Oct 15th - 7pm WFFNA Annual Meeting & Elections Guest speaker TBA
  3. ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KCRA) —Roseville kicked off the new school year for elementary students with the opening of a new school on Monday. Read more: http://www.kcra.com/news/hundreds-arrive-for-first-day-at-new-roseville-school/-/11797728/21524618/-/ejyr5qz/-/index.html#ixzz2cRXI7qc2
  4. The Roseville Police and Fire Departments have put together a monthly newsletter entitled Public Safety News and Tips. This month we highlight some Back-to-School safety tips. We include how to keep children safe in your neighborhood, and the rules to remember when driving near schools. Also with the recent Maidu Regional Park fire we have some fire safety tips that you can review with your family. Download it here: Back to School Vol 13 Issue 08.pdf
  5. View the August 2013 newsletter here
  6. The next Used Book Sale is Saturday August 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Downtown Library, 225 Taylor Street. The is a one day sale only. AND, this is the last time our used books will be sold at our customary low prices (generally 50 cents for a paperback and $1.00 for a hardback). Our prices are going up September 1. So be sure you come to the August 17 event for the best prices and a wide selection of books. Parking is free. See you there! Questions? Contact us at friends@rosevillefriendsofthelibrary.org Friends of the Roseville Public Library Download the flyer here: Book_Sa
  7. Loren

    Fire Station 9 - Grand Opening

    July 13, 2013 Fire Station - Grand Opening (Hi-res images available on request)
  8. We want to make sure that everyone is made aware of the new ramp meter being activated by Caltrans this coming Monday July 8th. Location: Highway 65 southbound onramp at eastbound Blue Oaks Blvd. Dates and times: 07/08/2013 6:00am Type: Ramp Meter Activation Reason: A Ramp Metering traffic signal has been installed by Caltrans to relieve congestion on Highway 65 and to allow for safe merging from the on-ramp to the highway. The meter is being activated by Caltrans. Additional Comments: The ramp metering is necessary to relieve congestion on Highway 65 and to allow for safe merging fr
  9. This is part of the Riego Road Interchange Project at Highway 99 in Sutter County. As you may know both Blue Oaks Boulevard and Fiddyment Road are Truck Routes. These trucks are carrying materials and equipment for the job site at Highway 99. Here is some more information and a link to the project site website... "My name is Winder Bajwa. I’m the Project Manager for the work you mentioned below, Riego Road Interchange Project at Highway 99 in Sutter County. The project will take two construction seasons to complete. We began work this Spring and hope to complete the project by end of next
  10. Two deer were seen running into the street a few days ago and we wanted to warn West Roseville residents to look out for them. They were in the Country Club/Woodcreek Oaks area. They seemed to come out from nowhere and ended up in the median strip. If you see these deer please call Roseville Animal Control at (916) 774-5090.
  11. Please view the July 2013 newsletter here
  12. Please view the June 2013 newsletter here

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The Fiddyment Farm Neighborhood Association is NOT an HOA and there are no fees or dues. We are here to:
•    To provide an open forum through which all members of the neighborhoods can participate in the identity, social culture, growth, development, and activities of the neighborhoods.
•    To identify and communicate the issues and concerns of the Association members to the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, the City of Roseville, and other appropriate entities.
•    To keep all members of the neighborhoods informed regarding issues vital, or of interest, to the well-being of the neighborhoods.
•    To encourage and facilitate communication and cohesiveness among all the people of the neighborhoods. To act in cooperation with government and non-government agencies to preserve and improve peace, safety and property values in the neighborhoods.

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